Hilton to Open 10 Lifestyle Properties by 2025

Hilton Worldwide has signed to add 10 new properties of lifestyle brands Canopy, Tempo and Motto in the US, Latin America and Europe, the company announced this week.

In the US, Hilton plans to open in 2024 one Canopy and two Tempo properties in Nashville, along with a Canopy in Sioux Falls, SD, Tempo properties in Memphis and Myrtle Beach, SC Hilton plans to open a Tempo hotel in San Diego in 2025 .

Internationally, Hilton plans to open in 2023 a Canopy in Cannes, France, and in 2024 Motto properties are in the Brazilian cities of São Paulo and Recife.

Within the lifestyle category, Canopy is the most established of the three lifestyle brands, having launched in 2014. Hilton has 35 existing Canopy properties around the globe and 25 in its pipeline. The company before the pandemic in 2020 indicated that corporate transient represented 12 percent to 15 percent of the brand’s business.

Hilton’s newest lifestyle brand, Tempo, launched in 2020, and Motto, originally inspired by hostels, launched in 2018.

According to Hilton, the Canopy, Tempo and Motto signings represent nearly 20 percent of its lifestyle category’s total pipeline of 55 hotels, 55 percent of which are US-based. The rest will be based in Europe and the Caribbean / Latin America and Asia / Pacific regions. The company expects these brands to more than double over the next 10 years, expanding into at least 15 new countries and territories.

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