You are ONE step away from becoming a Binomist. Here’s how

In this fast-paced world of today, we are constantly hustling to live a good life. Our bucket list looks fascinating, to say the least – from wanting to create a nest egg for our retirement years to salting away a portion of our income for contingencies that can arise any time. But is our current income enough to fulfill our desires? What if there were other avenues to earn additional income? While there are several options available to multiply your income, not every channel can be sustained. Here’s the good news – you can now trade online in a safe and seamless manner.

What is online trading?

If you are looking to have additional income, online trading will help you engage in financial instruments, without any hassle. Choose between long-term investments in financial instruments or short-term, based on your risk appetite and goals. It is essential to understand that the former may be safer but does not ensure high profitability, while the latter delves into the equity market or futures, where you can get faster dividends. In such cases, the additional me is higher.

Even if most people want to get into online trading, there are several concerns that crop up in their minds. The biggest issue is that of safety, which is why it is critical to zero in on a trading platform that is not only simple to use but is equally safe and seamless. That’s exactly where

Binomo steps into the picture. It is a fast-moving trading platform, where users have the opportunity to make forecasts on financial instruments that are used for trading within short time spans. What’s more, they can also track their portfolio and in case, the forecasts are in the right direction, users stand a chance to get up to 90 percent of trade profitability.

With the help of exclusive trading tools, users can sharpen their skills and turn into Binomists over a period of time. There is also a collection of free tutorial videos and related content that can be accessed to learn valuable tips from the best in the field.

An inside view of its functioning

Binomo revolves around fixed-time trading or FTT, where you make forecasts on a particular asset, whether it will be above or below a certain point after a stipulated time period that has been decided by you. In case your forecast is on point, you stand to gain a good return on your investment, while a tie ensures no gain or loss. Unfortunately, if your forecast is incorrect, your initial investment will be lost. The advantage here is that you are always in charge of your investment — that means you always know how much you are likely to get or lose, before making an investment.

Trading is not about chance

There are many people who believe that trading is all about chance, but that’s not true at all. It is about financial analytics, and over a period of time, you, too, can hone your skills and turn into a Binomist. Once a user registers themselves on the platform, they can try out the Demo option that offers the opportunity to trade with virtual funds. This means you can take your time to really know all about online trading, before you set foot into real-time trading. Once you are confident, you can start trading for real and start earning additional income.

After a user is ready to invest, they can choose between Standard, Gold, and VIP status. In order to get Standard status, a total deposit of $ 10 (or an equivalent amount in the account) is required, while to get Gold status, a total deposit of $ 500 (or an equivalent amount in the account) is mandatory. In the case of VIP status, the user must deposit a total of $ 1000 (or an equivalent amount in the account). In a nutshell, the higher the status, the greater the bonus, and more assets to trade with. Also Binomo is announcing a limited-time offer to spend a day as a VIP trader. On June 17th, anyone can become a VIP trader to explore the premium benefits and rare assets unavailable to other statuses. VIPs can get cashback on their trades and compete against each other in a private tournament. To enjoy this promotion, demo traders should make a deposit no later than 16.06.22 23:59 UTC to spend the whole day on June 17th as a VIP trader. Traders with real accounts do not need to do anything extra to enjoy the promotion.

Safety and security

In this age of cyber threats, safety is of utmost priority, and Binomo ticks all the right boxes. Users never have to worry about their funds, because their interface uses SSL protocol, in order to ensure that all the data is encrypted. Moreover, Binomo is listed as a category “A” member of the International Financial Commission to reinforce transparency in services. Users also have access to a Compensation Fund that offers protection up to € 20,000 per case, if a member refuses to follow a Financial Commission judgment.

Also, when a user decides to invest through Binomo, their identity, as well as their means of payment, are verified in advance.

Today, Binomo has its presence in more than 130 countries and is considered one of the safest and best platforms that exist for online trading.

The last word

Apart from all these features, users can access their accounts 24×7 in multiple languages ​​such as Hindi and English. There’s also a text chatbot that is helpful, in case of queries. Last but not least, users can use popular payment options like bank cards, non-personalized cards, internet banking, Ola Money, and QR code, to name a few. Although financial operations offered on this site may involve risk.

Why wait? Begin your online trading journey with Binomo today and turn into a Binomist in no time!

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June 14, 2022

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