3 Must-Watch NFL Games On Sunday

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Week 10 of NFL action has a few promising games on the Sunday slate.

While some games might be blowouts, others can be quite competitive.

So which three NFL games on Sunday are “must-watch” games?


3. Seattle Seahawks Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This game marks the first time the NFL will play in Germany.

With over three million people wanting to attend this game, it’s already a must-watch game.

It’s also puts Tom Brady in his fourth international game, with him already 3-0 in his previous international games.

2. Detroit Lions At Chicago Bears

The Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears game is a long standing NFC North rivalry game.

With both teams having an extremely slim shot at the playoffs, this game is critical for both teams.

Whoever wins here still has a shot at surviving for the last playoff spot.

While the 3-6 Bears can still survive with a loss, the 2-6 Lions can’t afford another loss.


1. Minnesota Vikings At Buffalo Bills

Ever since the Minnesota Vikings made a trade before the NFL trade deadline, this game has become a must-watch game.

For the Vikings, they can prove they are a Super Bowl contender with a win over the Buffalo Bills.

However, the Bills come into this game needing a win to stay on top of the AFC East.

With both teams hungry for a win, it becomes a game with playoff implications.

If the Bills win, it puts a dent in the Vikings’ chances of taking the number one seed.

But if the Vikings win, it can easily put the Bills behind the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins in the AFC East.

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