3 out of 4 People Believe Facebook Is Harming Society

CNN polled the public As the establishment media and political class continue their efforts to own the platform, their views on Facebook have produced results that paint an undesirable picture for the social network. censor more content. 76% of respondents say Facebook is making society worse.

The main findings of the survey are as follows:

  • 76 percent say Facebook makes society worse, 11 percent say it improves society, and 13 percent say it has no effect either way.
  • 38 percent say they never trust companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon to do what works best for their users.
  • 71 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of Democrats say they have little or no confidence in large tech companies to act in the best interests of their users.

Another key finding of the survey is that Democrats are much more likely to blame Facebook’s problems on its users than on the company itself.


via Getty Images JOHN THYS/AFP

44 percent of Republicans told CNN pollsters that Facebook is making American society worse, compared to 27 percent of Democrats. and That Facebook itself is more at fault than its users.

Some of the survey questions address organizational concerns and media talking points used against Facebook and other tech companies to incite further censorship from the platforms.

For example, according to the survey, 49% of the public say they know someone they think was persuaded to believe a conspiracy theory because of Facebook. CNN does not attempt to define “conspiracy theory”.

The enterprise media, angered by the success of their rivals (Including Breitbart News) continues to run a relentless campaign against Facebook with the aim of pushing the company to more brutal censorship policies.

Recent leaks have already proven that Facebook is suppressing conservative media. Including a nearly 20 percent reduction in Breitbart News traffic, yet far-left anti-Facebook campaigners like Frances Haugen continues to demand more censorship from the tech giant.

Allum Bokhari is senior technology correspondent for Breitbart News. he is the author #Deleted: Big Tech’s Battle to Delete the Trump Movement and Steal the Election.