4 New POWER RANGERS Megazord Toys Unveiled for Walmart Collector Con – GeekTyrant

Hasbro recently rediscovered Power Rangers Toys for Walmart Collector Con. The four new characters are from classic megazords throughout the franchise and are packaged in fun VHS-themed boxes. The numbers are also 7 “big, they are scheduled to be released on February 1, 2022 and cost $ 15.99 each. The Megazords have the Mighty Morphin Dino, Mighty Morphin Thunder, Ninja Storm Ninjakon, in the Lost Galaxy Megazords. Lost Galaxy is surprising but cool. Thunder Megazord is pretty awesome. Then there is Ninjakon who is very confused. In case you did not know what / who the ninjakon is, it was a toy released during the Ninja Storm era (that’s true, ninjakon is not actually from the show) and is essentially a different colored ninjor figure. Unfortunately, none of these figures are dismantled in their smaller Zord pieces, but they are still pretty cool. Pre-orders are now live. Which one are you most excited about?

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