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4 teams struggle to regain dignity


NFC East is ready to reclaim its dignity. For the past few months, I have been grading both AFC and NFC teams were dropped from their draft selections and free agency. I rated both best team And this These reforms have had an impact on some veterans. In these teams, now is the time to see how each of the better teams stack up against their divisional rivals, and to make predictions in some way very quickly.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll break down each division and take a shot at ranking the teams in them. Without further ado, I present NFC East, last year’s weakest division. Let’s see how the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Washington football teams stack up against each other.

NFC East

NFC East has a lot to prove this season, after the doozy they gave us last year. For those who don’t remember, the Washington football team won the division last season on a 7–9 record. Everyone needed to improve, and for the most part, they all did. But was it enough? Are any of them a real threat to the rest of the league? Who’s going to rise to the challenge of the 2021 NFL season and beyond?

Dallas Cowboys

Micah Parsons hopes the Cowboys will improve

Mail is back! And all the reports are making us believe that he has 100% recovered from that terrible ankle injury. If this is true, then the Cowboys’ offense must have started from where Prescott’s season abruptly ended. And if that’s the case they’ll be leading the league in total offense long ago. After all, the post was out for over a week before any other QB was able to get hold of the numbers he was posting.

There have not been many notable upgrades in the offense as the Cowboys poured their off-season efforts into defense. They also stated that they retain Amari Cooper, CD Lamb, Michael Gallup, Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard. The offensive line is also mostly intact, so if the Posts are really healthy there shouldn’t be any worries that Dallas will score a lot of points. They still have the best offense in the division, if not the NFL.


The Cowboys hit their defense hard in both the draft and in free agency. The most notable of these selections was the selection of Micah Parsons, with his first overall pick in the NFL draft. Parsons in LB is the complete package. Hard-hitting, fast, good recovery speed, great vision and a non-stop engine. Any defense he engages in is already better.

He didn’t just take Parsons into the draft, however, as Dallas devoted most of his draft to bolstering the defense. Kelvin Joseph, Osa Odighizuwa, and others were among the players he picked, though none are expected to make a really immediate impact.

The most notable additions to free agency were the Dallas secondary. Keanu Neal and Damonte Kazi were both brought over from the Falcons. Neil is in the process of converting to a lb/s hybrid, a position that has seen some increase in popularity over the past few seasons. Neil and Parsons join a talented LB corps that already includes Vendor Esk and Smith.

Despite all these upgrades, I still don’t think it’s enough. Don’t get me wrong, this rescue is no longer the dumpster fire it was a year ago, but it’s still no good. It’s going to take some time to get this unit back to a respectable level. They are much better, but they still have the worst defense in the division and the best in the bottom one-third of the NFL.

New York Giants

Kenny Golladay Gives Danny Dimes and The Giants a Legitimate Number One Right
Kenny Golladay Gives Danny Dimes and The Giants a Legitimate Number One Right

The table has been set for Daniel Jones, it remains to be seen whether he is the future of the Giants. He now has the number one target in Kenny Golladay and has a lot more weapons on offense. He drafted WR Kadarius Toney and added WR John Ross and TE Kyle Rudolph in free agency. They join an already talented set of weapons that includes Shepherd, Slayton, and Engram.

New York also added a talented backup RB in Devonte Booker, just in case Saxon Barkley doesn’t come back stronger from injury. The Giants did make a few additions to their OLs, though, on paper, none of them gave the line the drastic correction they needed. New York only hope they can find a combination of linemen that exceeds the sum of their shares.

Ultimately, though I’m not completely sold on Danny Dimes, Saxon’s health, or on that line, this offense can still be honorable. Still probably only third-best in the division.


This defense debuted in the second half of the season last year and managed to improve it even further in the off-season. The defensive line lost Dalvin Tomlinson to the Vikings, but he added a piece he really lacked last year: a dynamic EDR. In the second round of the draft, he added Aziz Ozulari to fill that need. He joins Leonard Williams as a force to be reckoned with.

The second tier of defense also improved when LB Reggie Ragland was brought in via free agency to join Martinez. In Secondary, Logan Ryan transitions from CB to S to make room for Adori Jackson who comes in free agency.

Overall, this strong defense was built even better and could easily lay claim to the top ten defense. With that said, it would still only be second best in the division.

Philadelphia Eagles

It pains Jalen to answer the call for the Eagles offense
It pains Jalen to answer the call for the Eagles offense

For better or worse, the Eagles made it clear this off-season that Jalen Harts was their QB when they traded Carson Wentz to the Colts. Then they bring in Joe Flaco to support him and become his mentor. He and the many fantasy football experts who have estimated Hearts in the top 10 clearly saw something that I missed. He may be an amazing talent, but I personally haven’t seen enough one way or another.

Another aspect of this offense that confuses me is the signing of Jordan Howard and the drafting of Kenneth Gainswell at RB. Having RB depth is a good thing, but Gainswell’s move looks like they’re preparing their next starting RB, when they already have a young Miles Sanders. Throw Boston Scott into the mix and there’s a lot more confusion than improvisation. That is, until they go with the San Fran style of the RB committee.

The part of the offense where I’m not confused is the inclusion of Devonta Smith in WR. He joins a great set of passing game weapons that include Rigor, Fulgham, and Goedert.

If Hurts is the guy who has the tools to succeed, but the early part of the season is going to be a little rocky either way. However, there are too many question marks for me, so I’m going to rank them last in the division.


As much as his offense confuses me, Philly’s defensive moves are obvious. The unit should see improvement in the 2021 season. His most notable addition was LB Eric Wilson coming from the Vikings. He is coming off a career year in which he filled in for the injured bar and earned the right to start alongside Alex Singleton. Quite quietly, the Eagles assembled one of the better LB tandems in the league.

The inclusion of ER Ryan Kerrigan, and the fact that he stole him from his division rival in Washington, leaves a lot for celebration. He adds great rotational depth to an entity that already includes Graham, Cox, Hargrave, Barnett and Josh Swett. This line is definitely going to cause problems for both the opposing QB and RB.

Overall, this defense is going to be a very strong unit and may even help them win a few games this season. Simultaneously, they are in a division with other top strongholds, one of which will be historic. I have placed him in the third place.

Washington football team

Its Fitzmagic Time in Washington
Its Fitzmagic Time in Washington

Fitzmagic is now gracing Washington with its services as it tours around the NFL. Yep, I get it, Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t an elite QB, heck, he’s not even a franchise QB. However, he is an exciting and energetic QB who brings relevance to the team he is playing for. Relevance is something the football team’s offense lacked last year. He will do a mix of great deep balls, long drives and poor turnover, but eventually improves.

Fitzmagic also doubles as a mentor to young Washington QB Taylor Heinke, who could very well be his future.

He also gave Fitzmagic a lot of weapons to work with. In the draft, he quickly added WR Dimi Brown. In free agency, he added versatile weapons to Curtis Samuels and Adam Humphries. They join a strong backfield that features RBs Antonio Gibson and JD McKissic, and one of the best young WRs in the game, Terry McLaurin. He also has a solid TE in Logan Thomas.

Washington will probably lose a few games in this ball turn offense, but it’s going to be dangerous when he’s clicking. You can easily see this as a high-flying offense that makes up for its many mistakes. They are a valid O only second in this division behind Dallas.


Barring a few injuries, it will be a historic defense. Period. I’m far from being rational on this that you leave your opinion to yourself if you disagree. I feel more confident about this prediction than any other prediction I’ve made this season.

It all starts with that returning front four. Chase Young, Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne and Montez Sweat are the best front fours in the league, hands down. And now they can play even more casually thanks to the improvements they put behind them. Rookie Jamin Davis delivers a sideline-to-sideline LB that will clear up any mess that the front 4 let’s slip into.

In his secondary, he added the talented CB William Jackson and the rotational talent Kendall Fuller. Add in rookie Benjamin Saint-Juste and returning Landon Collins and Kamren Curl and you have a set of DBs that will pay off opposing QBs for a pass run.

The truth is that this defense is strong on every level. They are strong in each individual situation, and they also have depth. Losing a piece or two will hurt, but it won’t stop this defense from being a top 5 defense. This defense will set records and has now begun its reign of terror. Best D in the Division, Best D in the NFL.

final thoughts

I don’t think NFC East will get more than one team in the playoffs this year, but it wouldn’t hurt me if they included someone in the seventh game. Either way, this division will be far more respectable than last year’s and the division winner’s record will exceed .500.

Just a friendly reminder, everything I have predicted in this article is being done very quickly. Before we can really make any intelligent guesses, we need to see training camp, pre-season, and final cut. However, with this tradition in mind, I will tell you my final position.

  1. Washington football team – seeded 3rd in the NFC, win the division by a few games
  2. New York Giants – Barely missing playoff
  3. Dallas Cowboys – A Game Behind the Giants
  4. Philadelphia Eagles – A Bad Team, Top Five Picks in the NFL 2022 Draft

That’s all for now, tune in next time I break AFC East.

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Washington D is ready for a historic run through NFC East

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