Home Politics 49% of Labor voters want to replace Starmer as leader

49% of Labor voters want to replace Starmer as leader


49% of Labor voters want to replace Starmer as leader

A new poll by Redfield & Wilton Strategies has found that 49% of Labor voters in 2019 would support the replacement of Keir Starmer before the next general election, against only 16% of Labor voters in 2019 who opposed the proposal. If, as some left-wing MPs are maneuvering towards this, this coup took place, the public overwhelmingly supports the “I don’t know” to replace Sir Keir. A round mandate …

47% of respondents admit that “I do not knowThat should replace the current Labor leader, with North King Andy Burnham in second place with 22% support. Burnham has hinted that he could run for Labor leader in the distant future. Sir Keir may have spent less time chatting with Piers Morgan and more time joining the Labor Party.

Respectively, 5% of respondents support the idea of ​​Jess Philips, Lisa Nandy or David Lammy coming to power. Given Piers Morgan last night figure display, maybe Labor should consider injecting some star power into the leader of the opposition office and choosing Coleen Nolan …

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