5 great apps that enable you to interact with friends 

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  1. Evil Apples
  2. 888 Poker 
  3. Cloze 
  4. Houseparty
  5. Quiz Up – Free

The business of 21st century life has meant that many of us struggle to find enough hours in the day to be able to balance physical needs with work and maintaining an active social life. Between the 9-5, getting enough sleep and maintaining our home life, it can be difficult to find the time to stay in touch with friends, yet technology is making this easer. With the likes of social media, people are now able to stay in touch with the world in a much easier way, yet studies have found that social media usage can enhance feelings of loneliness and a negative outlook on life. 

It’s crucial, especially in the current times, to maintain real relationships with family and friends in order to ensure our own physical and mental wellbeing. So what other ways can this be achieved than social media? Today’s gaming apps are much more intuitive and come with a range of communicative features that allow players to socialise while participating in their favourite games. 

Below, we’ll look at 5 of the best games that allow you to stay in touch with those most important to you.

  1. Evil Apples

Person Holding Silver Iphone 7As the digital equivalent to one of the most popular card games – ‘Cards Against Humanity’, this game is a popular game at house parties and before a big night out. 

Evil Apples works by having one statement card, in which players have to then choose a card from their deck that will fit the statement and be most funny. There is one judge for each round and that judge gets to decide which person’s card wins the round. While this game is great for adults, it’s best kept away from younger players as some of the cards can be a little crude. 

One of the best things about this game is that players are either able to invite a group of friends to play together, or they can play on their own with a group of strangers. Either way, players get to socialise and possibly meet new people, all while being entertained for hours. 

  1. 888 Poker

Online Poker is a great game for building your people skills, as it requires you to get to know and study your opponents. Whether you’re trying to work out another player’s poker face or determine whether you’re willing to call their bluff, online poker can build your socialising skills, as well as your emotional intelligence.

Download the app where you can play against your friends, even if they’re not in the same room as you. Once you’ve set the game up, inviting your friends is simple, you can copy and paste your unique link to your group chat, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Zoom etc., so they’ve got no excuse not to get involved! 

If you’re new to the experience, you can even enter different type of matches such as the heads up tournament where it’s only two players per table, so you can get used to the demands of the game and start slowly. 

  1. Cloze 

While social media is supposed to make it easier for us to communicate with our friends and family, it can sometimes indeed act as a barrier instead. With so many different social channels to use now, it can be difficult to keep up with friends, family and colleagues on each of these apps and sometimes the sheer amount of notifications can be enough or make us less inclined to use them. 

The Cloze app helps with this by keeping all of your communications from social media channels and messaging apps in one place, so you can see exactly when you last communicated with a particular person and what it was about, whether it was the latest news or what you guys did the other night. What’s more, it will even provide you with notifications for when you need to reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. 

It’s definitely work checking out for those with a busy lifestyle. 

  1. Houseparty

This game was launched in 2016 and while it initially wasn’t the most successful game of it’s kind on the market, the recent lockdown has done wonders for this game. Although it may have had a bit of bad press on the cyber security side, Houseparty has since been deemed as a safe app to use and has been enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. It’s work as a form of online chartroom that allows people to come together in virtual groups and chat via video call, while playing music and participating in party games. 

  1. Quiz Up

Happy young woman having video call via laptopThere aren’t many people who don’t love a good trivia game, especially around the festive season. As we may not be visiting our loved ones this much this festive season, Quiz Up provides the opportunity for players to challenge friends and family through the app. There’s a range of themes for each round from Harry Potter, to American History and other popular culture themes. 

This game is sure to keep all the family on their toes. 

Overall, while it may be difficult to stay in touch with friends and family currently, these five games are sure to get you back on the path to socialisation. 

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