5 packs for the Red Sox to stack on extra innings, defeat the Mariners

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Kyle Schwarber played a key role once again.

Red Sox Marines

Jack Lopez of the Boston Red Sox made the pass. Photo: Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Here are the packages red socks They beat the Mariners 9-4 in 10 in a late rally, leading to an important qualifying win.

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Wednesday’s competition looked like it would score high early on. hunter renfroe He started points as a lone center and the Red Sox caught two more in second place with an RBI of Kevin Plawecki and an RBI of Jose Iglesias.

On the third hit, the Marines responded. Tom Murphy competed by one run, while Kyle Seagar tied the game with a double run.

Then both attacks went cold. Both teams failed to score in six innings. The Red Sox, meanwhile, managed only one base hit – Iglesias’ on-court single.

Then, at the beginning of the 10th, the Red Sox exploded. The second-place automatic goal runner, Jack Lopez, scored a rusting ball and evaluated the forward run with no one out. JD Martinez released an on-court single by driving in an insurance race. Kyle Schwarber drove two races in a single run, and Christian Vazquez threw a chalk-double below the line and drove in two more races. When things settled down, the Red Sox were leading 9-3.

The Marines rode in automatic basic runners under the frame but were unable to tackle any further.

Star of the Game

Kyle Schwarber – 4 to 1, two runs, two RBIs, walking

Consider this a combination reward. Schwarber’s clutch over the past two days has helped the Red Sox win the two games they absolutely need to stay in good shape. Wednesday’s single gave the Red Sox an insurmountable edge.

What does it mean

The Red Sox started the day one percentage point ahead of the playoffs and beat the Yankees despite taking both one win and another loss from their rivals.

Wednesday’s win gives the Red Sox a nice boost. Now they start a day with a two-game winning streak and a crucial streak against an edible opponent. The three-game streak against the Yankees by the end of next week looks incredibly big if the Red Sox get their work done against the Orioles.

“No one expected this home stance to make any sense for the playoff hunt,” said Alex Cora.


1. Once again, the bullfighting Wednesday was excellent. All three Mariners runs came in Tanner Houck’s third inning – as Cora noted, Houck was solid outside of the third – but the bullfight kept the Mariners scoreless the rest of the way and set the table for the 10th inning rally.

Adam Ottavino said on the Mariners broadcast that the team was having trouble talking about bullfighting.

“The Seattle broadcast was talking about how they had the bull advantage on this show, and I think at least I took that personally,” he said. “I’m very happy that we were able to make a difference in the last two nights.”

In fairness to the Seattle broadcast, the Mariners’ bullfight (and shootouts in general) supported an anemic offense all season to keep the team in the playoff race.

Still, the Red Sox relievers deserve a lot of praise.

“Every time I pass the ball to them, I have full confidence in them,” Houck said. “I think they’ve done an incredible job and I know they will continue to do an amazing job.”

2. Kyle Schwarber’s two-tour single sent Rafael Devers to third place. Devers clashed hard with Tom Murphy and flipped the catcher (both looked good).

3. Jose Iglesias started his career in Boston and seems quite happy to continue with the Red Sox.

“Of course this is home,” he said. “This is my home, this is where I want to win, and like I said, fighting for this organization, fighting for this team is very organic to me. I love the guys, I love everyone here, I love this organization, so I’m happy to give everything I have for this team every day. I am extremely happy.”

What does he think of this year’s team?

“A group of great people who want to win,” he said. “This team is racing. We compete on every pitch, we grind, we fight together, you can see that and I’m so happy to be a part of it and continue to lead and help in any way I can.”

On Wednesday, Iglesias’ contributions included an impressive (and crucial) double-play ball.

4. Jack Lopez deserves credit for sticking with the major league team after years of working in the minor leagues since 2012. His bat isn’t setting the league on fire (with a double-take on a 2v12 and an overall run), but he’s been solid on the field (only one mistake so far) and scored the second-place lead as an automatic goal runner on Wednesday.

Lopez may not be on next year’s team, but it’s a good story for this year’s roster.

5. Alex Cora loves high pressure games.

“This is playoff baseball,” he said. “It feels that way. It’s fun to be honest with you. When you give your all and at the end of the game, you run out for all the right reasons – it’s not COVID or anything – that’s good.”

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