5 Reasons Squid Game Fans Should Watch Hellbound

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South Korean cinema rarely offers performance for spectacle. Many K-dramas are inspired by cosmic themes, but they are always rooted in some of the country’s best talents. This was more than evident in the “Squid Game” that was shown Lee Jung-Jae, one of the longest working stars in the country. Even lesser-known actors such as Park Hae-soo and Jung Ho-Yeon – who had modeled just before “Squid Game” – brought significant power to their craft.

True to form, “Hellbound” shows incredible performances from his entire cast. While the genre-bending plot is a big advantage of the series, it is also full of nuanced characters that base its supernatural themes. Yoo Ah-In, Star of the Searing ThrillerBurn“, plays the charismatic leader of the New Truth, Jeong Jin-soo. Although there are some inevitable cult-y vibes, Yoo instills a cautious hidden fear in every movement of the character. You can not help but have a curious sympathy for Jin -so, even if he condemns the senses around him.

Actress Kim Hyun-joo is arguably the heart of the series. It is through her character, the lawyer Min Hye-jin, that viewers find the true horror of “Hellbound”. It is not the angels or demons who permeate the real world and dispense undifferentiated judgment, but the men who turn into monsters when they are fit to play God.

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