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6 eco-friendly product swaps you didn’t know you needed


8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every day, with kitchen products being the biggest culprits. Healthista writer Taya found 6 eco-friendly kitchen swaps the environment will thank you

in present, It is estimated that 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are polluting our oceans That is, 46,000 pieces of plastic for every square mile.

That The amount of plastic would fill about 500 football fields.

Yesterday (June 8) was World Oceans Day – celebrated as a reminder of how important our seas are to life on Earth and to increase the public interest in preserving our oceans.

Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the planet

In fact, oceans cover more than 70 percent of the planet, produce at least 50 percent of the world’s oxygen and absorb about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide produced by humans.

Not only this, World Oceans Day serves to remind us of the harmful effects on our oceans and the danger of single-use plastics.

To mark the importance of World Oceans Day, Sea Life Centers in the UK and Ireland Filled empty houses with plastic waste to demonstrate the reality of what’s under our waters.

with more than Eight million metric tons of plastic are thrown into our oceans every year, a Ellen MacArthur Foundation Report Predicts that by 2050, there will be plastic in the oceans overweight fish.

ocean life plastic world ocean day eco friendly kitchen swap

SEA LIFE wanted to create these shocking displays to remind people of the harsh reality of ocean pollution.

So, how can we do our part for the environment and help? How can we protect our oceans by swapping eco-friendly plastics?

It’s easy to leave the issues of plastic waste to big companies and the government, but as individuals we can help save our oceans from plastic.

There are several permanent swaps you can make at home to help reduce plastic waste.

That’s why Healthista has found six eco-friendly swaps for your kitchen you probably haven’t thought of…

Swap #1 Surface Spray Bottles

Did you know that in the UK alone we throw a lot 468 Million Spray Bottle every year?

smolo The products offer an easy zero-waste solution that requires no extra effort, with Smol’s Surface Spray specifically designed to help get rid of single-use plastics.

smol spray bottles eco friendly

In fact, you can save 25 plastic spray bottles from going to landfill every year by taking this easy hassle-free step.

When you purchase the starter pack you are given three bottles and three tablets for a lifetime. Tablets are specially designed tablets that dissolve in hot water to fill a reusable spray to prevent single-use plastic.

In the UK alone we throw away 468 million spray bottles every year

So instead of throwing away your plastic spray bottles and dumping more and more plastic to landfills, you can start saving the planet by investing in them. Reusable Small Bottles. They are toxin free and still produce great results for the spotless surfaces in your kitchen.

All you have to do is buy refills and keep reusing and refilling your spray bottles.

Swap #2 Dishwasher Tablet

You might think that your dishwasher tablets are not affecting the environment, yet even this simple act of washing your dishes is making an impact on our planet.

Dishwasher tablets contain a toxic monomer (vinyl acetate) that is extremely harmful to aquatic life.

It may sound hard to get excited about a dishwasher tablet, but smolo is Designed tablets that are 100 percent plastic-freeVegan, and cruelty-free – Vouzer.

All Their packaging is recyclable, eco-friendly and made from Forest Stewardship Council Approved durable material.

So instead of the typical big plastic washing tablet box (which takes up all that room in your kitchen cupboard), they’re kept in slim recyclable cardboard boxes.

Dishwasher tablets contain a toxic monomer (vinyl acetate) that is extremely harmful to aquatic life

What’s more, Small dishwasher tablets are 50 percent cheaper than major brands and delivered straight to your home via your letterbox.

As well as being eco-friendly, they also do the job of delivering clean dishes, with each tablet containing a rinse-aid, salt, and even a glass protector as a package.

Their stellar performance earned the brand a vote of the Best All-Round Dishwasher Tablet 2020 from BBC Good Food.

Small Dishwasher Tablet Eco Friendly

Swap #3 Dish Brush

Plastic dish brushes are often made from a type of plastic that is difficult to recycle, with most places not accepting them for recycling.

Do you have a dish brush? Most households use dish brushes to wash their dishes, yet how many of us recognize the impact of these small kitchen items?

An easy swap to make, earthbits Wooden dish brushes are made from wood and plant fibers. So far, they have saved 6,079 dish-washing brushes from ending up in landfills.

Wood brushes are 100% natural, organic, biodegradable and recyclable. Vegan friendly and cruelty free as well as being plastic free.

They have saved 6,079 dish-washing brushes from ending up in landfills

Their packaging is also eco-friendly, 100 percent plastic-free and recyclable, using recycled or reused cardboard boxes and recycled or recyclable paper and tape.

They also do their job with unique brush heads so you can get into all the crevices of your dishes!

Earth Bits Brush Eco Friendly

Swap #4 Polybags (aka Resealable Plastic Bags)

Used to help organize your fridge and freezer and pack your food, polybags aka resealable food bags, are a staple around most homes.

When plastic bags decompose in sunlight, they take years to decompose, releasing toxic substances into the soil. Also, when they are burnt they release a toxic substance into the air, which increases pollution.

More than 8 million tons of plastic bottles end up in our oceans every year

that’s why stasher Came up with a solution – reusable silicone bags.

These extremely functional stasher bags are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer friendly and oven strong, able to withstand heat up to 400°F.

They actually work better and look better than plastic polybags and have changed the way people cook, save and store food.

stasher bag eco friendly

You might be thinking that recycling facilities don’t accept silicone—but stasher bags don’t go to landfills.

they have worked together terracycle So your bags can be recycled into completely new products such as playground.

In the UK, Stasher has sold enough bags to remove approximately 50 million single-use bags from entering the waste stream so far.

Swap #5 Kitchen Sponge

Did you know that kitchen sponges are one of the biggest culprits of plastic pollution?

Their sponges are being made from organic fabrics that are completely compostable, earthbits It has already saved 2,208 plastic sponges from ending up in landfills.

One side is made from a hessian fabric, perfect for wiping away dirt, while the other is organic cotton, perfect for delicate surfaces.

In addition, the inner lining is bamboo, which is famous for its antibacterial properties. So they are not only eco-friendly but fundamentally functional as well.

They come in fun colorful distinctive designs to be plastic free fun and stylish.

Earthbits Scrubber Sponge Eco Friendly

Swap #6 Water Filter Jug

every year more and more 8 million tons plastic bottles Ended up in our seas.

Despite plastic being one of the most well-known causes of pollution, plastic bottles are visible in most shops and homes.

More than 8 million tons of plastic bottles end up in our oceans every year

that’s why Aqua Optima Manufactures a high quality range of Water Filter Jugs, Chillers and Filters. All water filters are 100% recyclable to deal with single-use plastics.

The Aqua Optima Water Filter Jug reduces impurities from tap water while retaining beneficial minerals and trace elements. The Evolve+ water filter features a 5-step fast flow filtration system to deliver pure water.

water filter jug ​​eco friendly

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