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6 Great Things To Do In San Diego


Linn Updated September 2020

San Diego is famous for its top guns, marine life and wildlife, but like I am boycotting the sea world And after seeing the polar bear in its small concrete rooms many years ago, Zoo found it a little sad, this post shows six cool and unusual things to do in San Diego – without these last two. But yes, you have to have a great gun adjustment!

Departing from the Los Angeles coast, he traveled three hours by train from San Diego to San Diego, a day-long trip near Tiuana to the Mexican border.

Train the Pacific coast from Los Angeles to San Diego
Train the Pacific coast from Los Angeles to San Diego

1. Gaslamp Quarter

This historic neighborhood of 16 blocks and 94 Victorian buildings was built around 1880 and is estimated to have been lit by gas street lights.

This is a place where you can go shopping, eat, and stay active. Also, because it is close to the Padres football field, fans gather in one of the many bars in their group dressed for a few beers before and after the game.

When you visit FYI-San Diego, you are a fan of batteries during football or Padres during the baseball months. (Well, we had no other loyalty from New Zealand so we went inside!)

Shops will be open until 11:00 pm and will open at 145 restaurants and nightclubs with all kinds of flavors from Tapa to Italy, dance floors to cocktails.

This will be an exciting part of the city to stay afloat. See my advice for which hotel at the end.

Gaslamp Quarter San Diego
Gasslamp Quarter Night.

2. Visit Kansas City Barbecue

This is your Top Gun time! If you want High gun bar, It is found in the opposite Manchester Grand Hyatt (We spent a couple of nights in the Gazlamp quarter).

Kansas City Barbecue Not only is it a good barbecue and if you have a game on it, you will be among them, but this is the bar from the 1986 movie “Gun”.

High Gun Piano Bar San Diego
The famous top piano scene was filmed here!
Megan in the Top Gun bar in San Diego
I play great fireballs!

Meg Ryan and Goyce “Gos!” You remember where they sang the big fireballs. Take me to bed or you will lose me forever ”? Stay here. The owners say they made the best decision.

Today, the bar is packed with movie memories and police patrols throughout the United States and beyond. And as we were walking along the thin blue line, we hit the New Zealand Police on the shoulder. Rewards for the one who can get it!

3. USS Midway Tour

This retired airplane enjoys every man, regardless of his age, and does not treat women badly.

Admission costs you a voice tour on the provided headset and you can walk up and down the narrow stairs and on the runway, including Skyhawk with a number of passenger dormitories and Skyhawk with high-end F14 Tomcat. .

I don’t want to be mistaken, but do they send men here when they try to massage or hit the shops?

Statue of Kiss at USS Midway
The famous Kiss Status (unconditional surrender) next to the USS Midway carrier

4. Swim with sharks

In San Diego La La Jola Beach you can really swim or ride with tiger sharks! And there is nothing to fear, these people are not harmed. Also known as leopard sharks, they grow up to four or five feet long and spend about six months here each year feeding and breeding.

August is the best time to see them – or to jump in and swim with them, and August is the best. But there are more than 100 here a year, so don’t worry if you are here at other times and you can even take a boat trip with them.

They are usually hung in shallow waters La Jola Cove Looking for food and a partner and they are more afraid of you than they are! There are lifeguards and you are not allowed to touch them like any other wild animal.

If you do not have your own wheelchair, you can join your local tour company and rent them.

La Jola Cove
La Jola Cove

5. Old fashion drive: on film

If you are looking for something to do at night in San Diego, car movies are having a renaissance! But if you’re like us and take the train from Los Angeles to San Diego, you only have to rent a car at night to watch the movie (!)

But for those of you who have tires, this is a fun night in the best city in America. Not to mention, just a ticket to social separation!

There are two drives in San Diego: movie theaters Santee Drive-In Theater, But since 1962 it is now available on digital screens and audio. It is open seven nights a week, regardless of the weather. Bring your own food or buy a burger and snack on site. Your car’s radio is transmitting – so make sure it’s working.

And South Bay Drive-In Theater, Since 1953, 20 minutes from San Diego. Improved with three 100-foot digital screens and sound, and sells snacks and food. They recommend that you bring an FM radio so that your car battery is not damaged, as the sound is through your radio. FYI, both theaters have jumping directions!

Drive in a movie in San Diego
Looks like a dirty dance!

6. Visit the old city

For the best Mexican food on this border!

Best Winner It has been a Mexican restaurant in San Diego for 18 years in a row Coyote Coffee. They have more than 100 different tequilas, although in no way look like the biggest on the road. The Old City’s tourist section is one of the busiest restaurants on this street.

El Ray – Carnitas Carne Asada (pork and beef) Our slaves gave us a favorite meal to turn to Fajitas with farm servants, rice, gakamole and sourdough. It was delicious. We also got chipotle camarones – a large shrimp spicy dish made with chipotle cream and served with fried beans and rice.

There are many more Things in Old City San Diego Although only from food! Spend some time shopping, getting in on the story, picking up live music and some really cool things can fly off if you hit it right.

Taco Tuesday at Cafe Coyote San Diego
Taco Tuesday at Cafe Coyote with Monster Margarita

Where to stay In San Diego

Paradise Point >>>

Grab a two-gallon gallon at the Paradise Point, where the sand is literally in front of you. In the evening, light a fire in a fire pit and sit on the swampy grounds on the sticks you can buy from the hotel store.

This is such a luxury. We stayed here during the honeymoon and we absolutely loved it.

Paradise Point Beach Front Villas
The front of your beach at Paradise Point!

Manchester Grand Hyatt >>>

This hotel is my choice to stay close to everything you need in the city.

It is also located on the water near the Gulf and right-wing villages for boutique shopping and outdoor dining.

They also have hot tubs and a rooftop pool with children’s play area.

Manchester Grand Hyatt Ocean View Room
Get an ocean view section!

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