67% of Americans “Disapprove” of Biden Managing the Economy

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A CBS/YouGov poll released November 21 shows Americans are feeling the effects of President Joe Biden’s struggling economy.

Questionnaire registered Biden’s overall job approval rating is 44 percent, as the majority of respondents disapproved of Biden’s performance, with 56 percent. Eighty percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s takeover, while only five percent of Republicans approve. 39 percent of independents approve of the president’s performance and 61 percent disapprove.

The survey reveals that 39 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while 61 percent of respondents disapprove. Seventy-three percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while only six percent of Republicans approve. In terms of independents, 32 percent approve of the president’s work on the economy and 68 percent disapprove.



Four percent of the respondents rated the “current state of the national economy” as “very good”. While 26 percent evaluated the state of the country’s economy as “pretty good”, 33 percent evaluated it as “fairly bad”. Thirty-one percent described it as “very bad” and six percent said “I’m not sure”.

Looking at Biden’s handling of inflation, 33 percent of total respondents approve and 67 percent disapprove. In addition, 62 percent of Democrats approve of the president’s approach to inflation, while 38 percent oppose it. By contrast, five percent of Republicans approve of Biden’s handling of inflation, and 95 percent disapprove. 72 percent of independents reported that they did not approve of Biden’s fight against inflation.

The survey also asked respondents “how they felt things were going in America.” Only 30 percent rated business as doing well, four percent of respondents reporting things were “going very well” and 26 percent reporting things were going “somewhat well.” Seventy percent of those surveyed said things were going badly. Thirty-seven percent of them said things went “a little bad”, and 33 percent said things went “very badly”.

Eighty-two percent of respondents said the items they usually purchase while shopping are “more expensive than they were a long time ago,” and 64 percent said the items they usually buy are “usually out of stock.” Typically, fifty-five percent of the items they order “take longer to be delivered” to them.



Americans also seem to be cutting back on spending, according to the survey. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed said,Order less or take out” and 78 percent say “Cut down on holiday gift shopping. Seventy-one percent reported that they “rescaled at holiday parties and celebrations.” Eighty percent said they now “delay buying the big ticket” and 79 percent said they “travel less”.

The CBS/YouGov survey was conducted November 15-19 and sampled 2,058 US adult residents. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

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