May 7, 2021


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7 Effective Tips To Improve Your Brain Power – Credihealth Blog

The human brain is mysterious and fascinating. We still do not know what his potential is. Maintaining a healthy brain is essential for the mental and emotional well-being needed to lead an active, healthy and happy life. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your brain power with the help of simple mind-training practices and healthy habits.

Because of its plasticity, the brain has the ability to change, develop, and make new connections. Every time we learn something new or experience something, it stimulates our mental faculties. The reserve of our brain begins at an early age, and this process continues throughout our adult life. Every time we start a new activity or learn a trade, we build a backup and help our brain adjust.

Mental training allows us to improve our cognitive function. An ever-increasing body of scientific research proves that if we engage in meaningful knowledge, we can improve our brain capacity. For example, COGITO STUDY Conducted by Florian Schmidt and colleagues, it demonstrates cognitive ability to improve the mental capacity of adults. The study involved 204 participants, adolescents and adults (20-11 years and 65 to 80 years). They did regular 1 hour mental training sessions for 100 days. By the end of this period, both groups had made significant improvements in their perception, speed, and memory.

Brain function also enhances our ability to think. It provides us with tools to solve a variety of learning challenges and improve our ability to think and analyze information, rather than focusing on a single topic or topic. These brain-based skills are essential to any task. Therefore, brain training is important because it makes people more focused and active.

7 Ways to Train Your Brain

Embracing new hobbies and activities can help keep your brain sharp and healthy. Here are some options to try.

  1. Add color. Drawing is a meditation practice that can enhance your brain function. It reduces stress and helps you relax, allowing you to focus on the present. This process results in high levels of serotonin. As a result, you get better sleep, appetite, mood, and improved learning styles. In addition, imagery improves communication between brain areas, preventing aging. Thanks to the positive effects of art on the nervous system, they can also achieve strong emotional balance and creative thinking.
  2. Read more. Reading combines your cognitive, emotional, attention and emotional abilities by developing new neural pathways. So it trains the brain and increases brain connectivity. Improves your ability to hold your attention, knowledge, and compassion. Reading can also reduce stress levels and improve your sleep quality. It lowers blood pressure and heart rate and affects your health.
  3. Put the pen on a piece of paper. Writing is another invention that allows you to train your brain. Helps to generate information and enhance your critical thinking skills. In addition, regular written exercises can reduce anxiety symptoms and improve your self-esteem. You can go for anything, including traditional, to get these health benefits 5 Article essay, A piece of creative writing exercise or reflection piece. None of these activities keep your mind active and engaged.
  4. Try finger gymnastics. Finger gymnastics is a physical activity for your brain. Use structured movements such as lifting and lowering your arms, bending your fingers, or pressing the tips of your fingers together. Each finger has thousands of receptors, so this stimulus can help strengthen your mind. In addition, you may try to use your non-dominant hand when performing certain daily tasks, such as brushing or brushing your hair.
  5. Exercise regularly. Exercise is good for your brain. It helps maintain cardiovascular health and improves blood flow to the brain. People who lead active lives do not suffer from mental and emotional problems. It is said that regular exercise promotes neuroplasticity. You can choose any type of exercise. Swimming, dancing, cycling, yoga, stretching, boarding and even walking can help train your body and mind.
  6. Games are not just for kids. You can also try out various online games and apps that offer cognitive training programs. For example NeuroNation, Elevate, Lumosity, etc. a Study He concludes that brain-training games for teens increase attention and memory. In addition, problem-solving and strategic thinking also improve your skills. You can try different puzzles, crossword puzzles, sudoku, card games and many more. Just as physical activity makes your body fit, so does regular physical activity train your mind.
  7. Breathe. In our fast-paced society, people often forget to spend time with their minds. Simple meditation is a bad mistake because it can improve your quality of life. It makes you scattered and foggy as you narrow your attention right now. In addition, meditation is an effective way to reduce stress Cortisol levels. By practicing mindfulness regularly, you will see stable results and improvements in your focus, sleep, and mood.

The choice of activities and games to keep your mind healthy and healthy is vast and varied. However, make sure he is challenging enough and can offer you new incentives. In addition, the selected activity must bring something new to your brain to improve. Lastly, remember that any type of exercise requires regular exercise. Daily mindfulness training can improve your mental function and well-being.

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