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7 Oren (Amazing) (We need to add +4 more ASAP)


Let’s talk about seven Oregon wonders, because it’s probably not a good place to live in Oregon. How good is it? It’s incredibly good, especially if it’s attractive to nature.

My wife and I set out to see for ourselves all of Oregon’s 7 wonders and to visit the Holy Cow – I don’t think we can call this place home. Depending on the season, however, our personal favorite changes are often the same Wallows He is calling us back.

Read on to find out about the 7 most amazing things about Oregon.

What are the seven wonders of Oregon?

In 2013, traveling Oregon launched a campaign of 7 wonders. It offers seven natural wonders in Oregon, hoping to encourage local residents and visitors to experience the landscape of Oregon.

7 Oregon’s Amazing Things:

  1. Crete Lake
  2. M. Shield
  3. Oregon coast
  4. Colorful hills
  5. The walrus
  6. The Columbia River Cliffs
  7. Smith Rock
7 Wonders of Oregon

7 Oregon’s Amazing Things

# 1. Crete Lake

Crete Lake was founded thousands of years ago when a huge volcano erupted on a mountain. Caldera was flooded with rainwater and ice, eventually forming the lake we see today.

Fish were introduced to the lake in 1888 and became independent. If you are interested in fishing on Crete Lake, Here it is What you need to know.

Why Crater Lake is one of Oregon’s seven wonders: Cretaker Lake, which closes at 1,943 depths, is the deepest lake in the United States and the ninth deepest lake in the world. Moreover, Lake Crete is one of the cleanest and most transparent lakes in the world because there are no entrances and no sediment or mineral deposits.

Exciting fact It is deeper than Cretor Lake, one of the world’s largest shopping malls in New York City. Although the building is located in the lake, there is still more than 200 ′ of water in one of the World Trade Center. That definitely puts the depths in perspective for me!

Great time to visit Crete Lake National Park is open all year round, but the best time to visit is between them July-September temperatures are favorable and there is little chance of rain.

Things to do at Crete Lake

  • Take a dip (but the water will be cold). Walk the Cleetwood Trail to reach the water.
  • Explore the Goblet Center
  • Take a landscape rim drive and pop up in interesting places

Location: Clamat Allsalls Te, South Oregon

# 2. Colorful hills

Of Oregon Painted hills The National Day Monument of John Day Fossils is one of three rooms. The area is home to some of the most spectacular mountain scenes in the highlands of central Oregon.

The colors on the hills are the result of an ancient explosion that caused layers of ash to accumulate for years and eventually reach and strengthen various minerals. This painted Hills is used in the study of strathography (study of stone slabs to identify geological time scales).

Why the anointed hills are one of Oregon’s seven wonders: The colorful hillside geological land is unique to the Pacific Northwest. There is only one place in the world with these colorful hills.

Things to do on the colorful hills

  • Take a colorful path
  • Look at the colorful hills

Location Mitchell, Central Oregon

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Colored Hills Oregon

# 3. Oregon coast

Oregon’s 400-mile coastline is well-known for its well-being. The spectacular beach is covered with huge rock formations, the largest sand dunes in the United States, and views of the cool Pacific Ocean.

But what makes Oregon’s beach special? Well, for starters, every inch of beach is public property (so it’s free for everyone). Linn Thanks to Oregon Beach Bill, since 1967, it has been illegal for anyone to privatize any beach.

In addition, you can visit up to 11 state-of-the-art lights (9 of which are historic) and visit 79 government parks. There is definitely something for everyone!

Why is the Oregon Coast one of Oregon’s seven wonders? Oregon Beach is home to the largest sand dunes in the country. At 40 miles[40 km]it is one of the most temperate sand dunes in the world. Some forests can grow up to 500 feet high!

Things to do on the Oregon coast

  • Go for a sand ride in the sand fields
  • Visit Sam Boardman State Park
  • Walk the thumb of God
  • Explore Canon Beach (Hystac Rock)
  • Go to the crab by grabbing or squeezing
  • Explore a historic lighthouse
  • Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

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7 Oregon's Amazing Things

# 4. The walrus (my favorite)

I could not help but notice the magnificent desert landscape in Switzerland, where mountain views were falling.

For the first time, I suggest exploring the Eagle Cup Desert, where counters, alpine meadows, and granite peaks take you to and from paradise.

Do yourself a favor and read before you visit Wallowas Chief JosephThe Native Perse has led the Native American and Native Americans at one of the worst times in its history. The story of this compassionate and important leader is as exciting as the earth you explore.

Why Walwives are one of the seven wonders of Oregon Wolves are one of the most beautiful and beautiful landscapes in Oregon. From alpine meetings to the Great Desert and Lake Wallowa – there is something for everyone.

Things to do in Wallace

  • Walk to Lake Maxwell (views are falling apart)
  • Visit the M.Crow General Store
  • Explore Lake Wallowa by boat
  • Wallowa Lake Tramway

Location: Joseph, East Oregon

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Land Proof I know that the land we now call Walwaus belongs to the Nez Perche tribe. Joseph, Oregon owns the ancestral and cultural lands of the people of Nimi Puu, Kaise, Umatila and Wal Wala.

# 5. The Columbia River Gorge

Few know that the Colombian river cliff is the largest in the United States National scene area. But as soon as you realize what is going on, you can easily understand why.

The Colombian cliff is the opposite study. There is something for everyone, from the Alps to the jungle and to the desert landscape and the rainforests.

The best way to find the Colombian cliff is by foot and car. Take the Colombian River Highway, known as the “King of the Streets,” was the first highway in the United States to be named a national landmark.

The highway was built with the intention of making it work With The natural wonders of this area, not on them. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

Why the Colombian cliff is one of the seven wonders of Oregon I think it’s easy to see why the Colombian cliff is one of the 7 most amazing things in Oregon, between America’s largest national park and the historic Colombian River Highway.

Things to do along the Columbia River

  • Visit the Falls Teas
  • On foot to Oneonta allsalls T.
  • In fact, visit any of the 77 wateralls te lined up on the gorge
  • Enjoy (many) wines

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Marcci Winnie killed on the Columbia River

# 6. Smith Rock

Amidst spectacular deserts, spectacular cliffs, surrounded by panoramic views of the Cascade Tea region. What does he not like? Central Oregon provides sunlight throughout the year (an average of 300 sunny days per year), so it is not a bad time to visit Smith Rock.

My favorite walk in the area is my favorite (and most popular) Missouri Ridge Trail. The trail passes the monkey’s face, which is considered one of the heaviest rocks in the world. From time to time you will notice a steep climb, it is very interesting to look at.

Things to do on Smith Rock

  • Walk the Miskin Ridge Trail
  • Bend, Oregon

Location: Terebone, Central Oregon

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Amazing Oregon

# 7. Shield

Coming at 11,250 feet, Hood is the largest volcano in Oregon and will be followed by cascade tar. But don’t be upset, the volcano is sound asleep (or so they say). What’s more, Hood is America’s only year-long ski resort!

Exciting fact M. Well, that’s it third Most of the world’s mountains are climbed.

Why Hood is one of Oregon’s seven wonders: The rich volcanic soil that covers the Stone Valley is one of the largest areas in the country for growing pear, berry, and apple trees. Oh, and this is the reality. Hood is the largest mountain in Oregon. 😉

From m. Shield

  • Catch the sunrise at Lake Trillio
  • Participate in the Valley Valley fruit loop during the summer
  • Go for an apple collection at the Kyokawa Apple Orchid
  • Get a Christmas tree from Mt. Here’s how

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Seven Amazing Oregon

Seven Amazing Oregon Map

More natural wonders of Oregon

Listen, I will find it. With only 7 places to vote, competition is tough. But for sure, let me add a few gems to the list of 11 “Oregon wonders.”

# 1. Tamolich blue ool l

Why Oregon should be one of the wonders: First of all, the clear topaz blue water is really incredible (you know what I mean when you look at it in person). The glass looks like the water is misleading – the pool seems a little deep (actually up to 30 feet deep).

Second, you may wonder where the water came from because it can be seen everywhere. Believe it or not, the Tamolich Blue River is a place where the Mekenzi River rises through the underground feathers – how cool is that?

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Oregon Blue Taml Tamolich ool l

# 2. Oregon Dunn

As I mentioned earlier, Oregon forests are the largest coastal forest in North America. Of course, we should not neglect our own resources.

# 3. Waldo Lake

Why Oregon should be one of the wonders: Lake Waldo is one of them Very clean In 2010, motor boats were banned in lakes around the world.

Similar to Lake Crete, there are no entrances to the lake, so plants do not grow – this is because of its purity. You can see up to 120 feet deep on a calm day!

# 4. Hell Canyon

Why Oregon should be one of the wonders: Didn’t the deepest river valley in North America list these seven wonders in Oregon? what a pity! To delve deeper into the depths of hell, allow the canyon to reach a depth of 8,000 – – compare that to the Grand Canyon 6,000።. It’s incredible!

And you are there! Seven Oregon Marvels One Round. Seeing this list makes me realize how lucky I am to call this beautiful Government House.

If you have any questions or would like to submit your two coins, let me know in the comments below. It’s always good to hear from you!

A summary of seven Oregon wonders

To summarize, Oregon’s seven wonders include:

  1. Crete Lake (National Park)
  2. M. Shield
  3. Oregon coast
  4. Colorful hills
  5. The walrus
  6. The Columbia River Cliffs
  7. Smith Rock

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