7 tech podcasts to binge this summer

Tech podcasts bring together some of the brightest minds in programming, science, and engineering. They can range from the ones dedicated to a wide audience to podcast series intended only for domain experts.

We’ve decided to take a look at some of the best tech podcasts from all around the world. Our selection includes some tech podcasts intended for both the professional and the regular listener.

1. OxyCast

OxyCast is a tech podcast discussing all things web scraping hosted by Oxylabs, a market-leading proxy solutions provider. So far, they’ve launched several episodes, each of which goes in-depth about automated online public data collection. The podcast is intended for a somewhat experienced audience who is either involved in programming, data analysis, or business.

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The podcast unveils many of the best practices, requirements, and challenges anyone building automated online public data collection tools should know. It’s an essential podcast for anyone who plans to be involved in such an area.