8 Small Towns In Ontario That Makes You Like You’re In A Hallmark Vacation Movie

You may feel as if you are stuck in a Hallmark holiday movie with these small towns in Ontario.

It’s hard to snuggle under a blanket, drink hot chocolate, and watch a crazy Christmas movie on a cold day. But instead of watching the characters on TV, you can experience some of the holiday magic for yourself.


Address: Stratford, ON

Why You Must Go: You can get a cup of hot chocolate and see all the beautiful wreaths and lights that decorate the city. Plus, there are so many dazzlingly lit displays for their winter Luuchten Op Stratford that you want to see for yourself.



Address: Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Why You Must Go: It’s a postcard-worthy place that not only had an adorable Christmas shop but was also the movie venue for movies like Christian heritage in the The holiday calendar.



Address: Burlington, ON

Why You Must Go: The village square looks like a set of a festive movie with a lovely pavilion, flashing lights and Christmas trees.



Address: Cambridge, ON

Why You Must Go: Every winter, they celebrate the holiday season by decorating the city with incandescent lights.


St. Jacobs

Address: St. Jacobs, ON

Why You Must Go: St. Jacobs offers holiday shopping and an annual event called St.



Address: Perth, ON

Why You Must Go: At their Festival Of Lights, you can watch tons of decorated Christmas trees.


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