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804 new locally transferred covid-19 cases in Singapore, 2 nursing homes among new clusters

New clusters in nursing homes

A total of 20 active clusters are currently being monitored, says MOH.

The new cluster at the Orange Valley Nursing Home in Simei has a total of 13 cases, all of which are resident.

“Residents and staff at the affected levels will be tested. All other residents and staff will also undergo tests,” says MOH.

The Orange Valley Nursing Home said the first resident was diagnosed with COVID-19 on September 7 after the resident was sent to Changi General Hospital for drowsiness and fever the same day.

All admissions to the nursing home will be suspended for the time being, it is stated in a Facebook post on Wednesday evening.

A total of 13 cases have also been linked to the Jamiyah Nursing Home cluster, where the transfer is among staff and residents.

“Of the 13 cases, 10 are residents and three are staff,” says MOH.

“Residents and staff at the affected level will be tested. All other staff and residents will also undergo tests.”

Including Orange Valley Nursing Home and Jamiyah Nursing Home, COVID-19 clusters have been detected in four nursing homes this week.

A large COVID-19 cluster at Ren Ci nursing home in Bukit Batok was reported on Monday while the cluster at All Saints Home in Jurong East was reported on Tuesday.

The new cluster of 7 Senoko South Road dormitories has a total of 26 cases. MOH said infections were caused by ongoing intra-dormitory residents.

Residents have been quarantined and tested, the ministry added.


Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah was also added as a large cluster in Wednesday’s press release.

The cluster currently has 11 cases, caused by transfer among students in the same class, which then spread to household contacts of cases, says MOH.

Madrasah was previously reported as a new cluster on September 7 with a total of eight cases.

The cluster connected The Chinatown complex has increased to 197, with 11 new cases reported on Wednesday. It now consists of 154 booth holders and assistants, 36 household contacts with workers and seven cleaners or ambassadors for safe distance.

Seven new cases were linked to the cluster DHL Supply Chain Advanced Regional Centergiving a total of 71 infections.

A further five cases were linked to the Avery Lodge Dormitory, bringing the total to 87.


There were 822 patients in the hospital, most of whom were well and under observation, MOH said.

Of these, 76 cases of serious illness required oxygen supplementation and nine were in critical condition in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Of those who have become very ill, 66 are older than 60 years.

During the last 28 days, the proportion of local cases that were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms is 98.2 percent.


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