May 9, 2021


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9 Laugh Laugh de Andre Jordan memes

9 Laugh, Laugh, de Andre Jordan Memes | Sports news and news

Diandre Jordan Memes

What is there to say about DeAndre Jordan? It didn’t really live up to how awesome it was. However, he can submerge anyone’s throat and prevent Hell from anyone’s bullet. I think it should have been better than it is now. Think about it, there are old men like Anthony Davis and Insanely Nicola Jukic. It just seems to me that DeAndre really misses his potential. I think it’s cool that he’s with the Brooklyn Nets now, but for me, it should have been a lot better than it is now. So, while I’m not a fan of DeAndre Jordan, I’m passionate about DeAndre Jordan’s memes! Here are 9 laughs by DeAndre Jordan memes. Enjoy!

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