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9 Stress Management Strategies, Tips & Activities – Credihealth Blog


Stress is a regular part of our life. It is same for everyone. Although stress is normal, it becomes an abnormality if it persists for a long time.

Needless to say, constant stress can affect your day to day life, turning your entire routine upside down. It not only affects your professional life but also your family life.

Imagine getting all stressed when you come home after a long and busy day at work, would you like to sit and talk with the family? I’m sure it will be the opposite. Depending on how you like to spend your time, you’ll either lie in bed or isolate yourself to watch the weather or something.

The question is, how to get rid of the stress induced by everyday life? What to do for a peaceful life? Well, it’s really possible. The following are some stress-relieving tips and activities that can help along the way:


First and foremost, you need to go back to basics. That’s right, friends. If you want to lead a healthy and happy life then exercise should be made an integral part of your daily routine. Exercising regularly can increase the amount of endorphins in the body.

Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals responsible for your happy mood and high energy levels. That is why experts recommend having an active lifestyle. This is a great way to keep stress away, and that too naturally.

herbs and plants

Yes, You Can Take an Anti-Anxiety Pill to Fight Stress, But Do You Think It’s Healthy? It is definitely not. Regular use of allopathic medicines can negatively affect your liver and digestive system.

Therefore, it is encouraged to switch to herbs and plants instead. They are all natural; Thus, they are free from side effects. ashwagandha, Canadian Showroom Sh, THC Concentrated, and passion flowers are quite beneficial in the treatment of stress and anxiety.

reduced caffeine intake

Most people drink coffee and tea several times a day. While drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, after lunch and in the evening may be temporarily relaxing, it is something that can increase your stress levels.

You heard it right guys! Caffeine can significantly increase the number of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body. Although the tolerance level of caffeine varies from person to person, it is recommended not to drink more than a cup of tea or coffee.

take a deep breath

Speaking of stress relieving activities, how can one forget deep breathing exercises? Whether you feel low, restless, or overly hyperactive, a few deep breaths can fix them all right away.

This is why most psychic experts recommend deep breathing, especially in the case of generalized anxiety disorder. It can calm your mind and give you a sigh of relief, something that is desperately needed when someone is stressed or anxious.

sharing feelings

Sharing how you feel can help take the $10,000 off the weight on your shoulders. When you talk to a loved one about how you feel and what problems you are having, you actually feel lighter both mentally and physically.

Why do you go to the therapist? A psychiatrist does not treat you with drugs. They talk, listen and settle it with conversation. Therefore, healthy conversation is always encouraged when treating stress and anxiety.

Journal writing

It’s not always possible to talk about it with friends and family. Most people are hesitant to talk about their problems for fear of being judged. It may also be that the person you are talking to does not understand your problem.

Everyone has a different journey; Hence, a different set of problems. Therefore, not everyone can relate to your problems. It is somewhat silly to expect others to understand everything. You can write a journal instead.

Writing it down can help reduce stress. It is as if you are diarying your worries and as a result, you feel lighter and relaxed. Talk to your diary about everything, good or bad. It won’t judge you for anything.


One of the best things to do to stay away from stress is meditation. Given its mental, physical and spiritual healing powers, it is commonly known as the best alternative to allopathic stress-relieving drugs.

Meditation can teach you to live in the moment. In fact, most of the stress comes from worrying about the past and the future. Once you master the art of living in the moment, half of your problem will be solved right there. You will feel happier, energized and more relaxed than ever.

chewing gum

It may sound unusual, but chewing on a piece of gum or anything for that matter can help relieve stress. What happens when you are stressed? You feel irritable, anxious, angry and low. is not that right?

When you chew gum, you burn energy. In this way, it eliminates negative energies from your body, giving you the comfort you crave. These behavioral effects of chewing gum are also confirmed JayJournal of Clinical Translational Research.

proper sleep

Last but not least, make sure you sleep properly at night. As stated by the Sleep Foundation, you need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to function properly. Next, you should take care of your sleep-wake cycle.

Not getting enough sleep can activate stress hormones in your body, while contributing significantly to stress. It can also cause fatigue and body aches, which can disturb your daily routine. Thus, it is imperative to have a suitable sleep cycle.


To conclude, I want you to know that this is nothing to panic. Panicking about the situation can make the current stress worse. Therefore, you must remain calm and accept the situation for what it is.

Rest assured, the stress relieving tips and activities mentioned above are sure to help you out. I wish you healing, everyone!

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