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90% of Irish Consumers Are Happy to Try Home Food Products


In a survey conducted by Innovative Solutions, the majority of Irish consumers are happy to try food, drink and consumer products at home.

Feel Ease

Respondents reported feeling easy when trying and sampling products at home, and could take the time to answer product questionnaires more easily.

Inovate Solutions’ Home User Testing Service, Business Development Director, Aidan Murphy said that ‘Covid-19 forced businesses to adapt how they gain insights into their consumer taste preferences’

80% of new products fail within the first 24 months highlighting the importance of participation buyers taste testing to ensure brands are successful.

“With so many startups and older businesses developing new products, rigorous consumer taste testing must be conducted’ added Murphy

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions Ireland’s leading consumer food research and sensory testing company, and through their research surveyed over 2,000 consumers in Ireland.

They offer Home User Testing to businesses, so they get basic insights into their desired targets.

The ‘Home User Testing’ service can be used to test a wide range of products from supermarket staples to dog food and perfumes and other beauty items to gain invaluable insight and in -depth data on their target consumers ’Murphy said.

Target Buyers

Innovate Solutions ’service identifies and recruits target consumers, ships the product to be tested in the consumer’s home, distributes consumer surveys, and compiles a detailed insight report for businesses.

Innovate Solutions ’large database of more than 22,000+ consumer panelists nationwide, making recruitment easy when looking for the right target consumer.

‘It’s a futility for businesses looking to gain insights into the likes and dislikes of their target consumers’ Murphy said.

Home User Testing is an opportunity for food and beverage companies in Ireland affected by COVID-19 to connect with current trends and changing tastes of customers.

Since the pandemic began, there has been a push towards buying more Irish products, an increasing trend among consumers cooking their own food at home, and a preference for low -sugar products.

‘Innovative Solutions offers cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to gain critical insights that will help them build a brand rather than a curious hit.’ Murphy is done

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