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A chat with Daniel Bailey, Vice President of EMEA at Digital Optimization Systems Company: Dimensions


Amplitude is a digital optimization system that enables its customers to innovate faster and smarter by answering the strategic question: “How do our digital products drive our business?”

Due to the impact of the pandemic, businesses have been forced to rapidly digitize to reach their customers. In fact, according to IDC, businesses are spending about $6.8 trillion on digital transformation. As companies increasingly operate online, they want and need to know how to engage and retain customers on their online platforms. This is where the amplitude comes in. For example, using Calm, Amplitude’s technology meditation app, tripled its customer retention after making a small change to its in-app daily reminder.

Amplitude’s software essentially tracks and analyzes anonymous user behavior in online products to provide actionable behavioral insights that drive business profitability through three main elements:

Behavioral graphs are the brains of the system and enable customers to see what is happening on their platform. It is the fastest, smartest and deepest database of customer behavior built for the complexity of modern digital products. Based on actions from trillions of customers to date, its machine learning predicts which actions lead to business results, such as retention or churn.

Digital product analytics applications enable customers to predict what action should be taken to resolve issues. This behavior is delivered through an evolving set of applications built on top of the graph.

The Dimension Recommendation product is a critical part of our infrastructure that is designed as a central system for all teams to leverage and contribute insights into a single, common data set of behavioral graphs and digital products and each customer. is designed to be designed, manufactured, measured and optimized. ‘ Unique experience in real time.

Amplitude is now the brains behind over 45,000 digital products on more than 1,000 enterprise customers and 23 out of the Fortune 100. Our customers include Calm, Peloton and PayPal.

How did the company get started?

Amplitude was launched in 2014 to recognize the lack of services that monitored digital customers returning to online platforms.

It was born out of a failed voice recognition start-up – founder Spencer Skates was more aware of the lack of support and services that helped digital businesses and amplitudes find help. Now supporting over 45,000 digital products, Amplitude collects vast amounts of data on user behavior, providing its customers with insights on which online facilities are attracting its users.

We live in a time where every organization is a digital first business, competition and customer scrutiny is tougher than ever. We know that understanding fast-changing customer behavior and anticipating people’s next motivations is becoming an essential part of modern digital business, which is why we’ve developed our tools to help.

How has the company grown during the pandemic?

Amplitude’s growth has accelerated during the pandemic, as more businesses seek to understand and improve how their customers are interacting with their digital platforms. In May 2020, Amplitude closed its Series E funding round of $50 million, giving us a valuation of $1 billion.

Of course, the need to have a digital business has been dramatically intensified by the pandemic, with an organization’s digital strategy becoming one of the most essential to revenue and growth. As digital businesses have evolved over the past year, so too has the need for Amplitude – we know how to provide full teams with real-time visibility and understanding of customer behavior, as well as quickly identifying key sentiments and predicting what happens next. Guessing is the only way the unknown becomes a business advantage and not a threat.

From this we built additional supports and tools that will help us understand our customers and ultimately deliver what is best for them. ‘Amplitude Recommend’ is another of our latest launches, which creates a new level of customer intimacy by enabling massive one-to-one personalization. The platform gives businesses the ability to make more informed decisions about what to recommend to their customers, and eliminating any risk by predicting people’s behavior is at the heart of the customer experience. Previously there has been an inability for businesses to understand customer behavior because of a lack of data, silent systems and imperfect observations which in turn make real personalization to individual needs impossible.

As a customer it is important to consume any product in line with our desires, the difference between retaining us and losing us can be as simple as not understanding our needs. The pandemic forced individuals to become more digitally focused, making it an even more prominent issue that we needed to address.

What can we expect to see from Amplitude in the future?

Dimension has big plans; We set out to help all businesses digitally become the best for themselves and their customers. Amplitude will continue to innovate and develop across all levels of our digital optimization systems so that we can strengthen technology leadership and provide the insights our customers need.

The company’s main goal is to continue to broaden its geographic reach and footprint by developing a larger network in EMEA. In April this year, we launched the Amplitude Partner Ecosystem at EMEA, an industry-first program that brings together over 40 founding partners to help clients accelerate and optimize digital transformation and product innovation strategies. is. We will continue to expand this program throughout EMEA in the coming months and years.

We want to continue to provide our customers and other businesses with the knowledge that matters which is why this year we are hosting our first Digital Disruptor Summit. The event is for those looking to innovate, transform and shape the world through disruptive digital products and will provide educational content from leaders who already use the data and analytics to drive digital-first growth. using the power of. We look forward to working with businesses around the world and sharing all the insights we gain from providing events like these, allowing companies to understand their customers and use this knowledge to advance their digital offerings. Can you

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