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A home for the elderly on a plot of land on Mount Anville


In South Dublin, Mount Anbville, a religious school that has ruled private schools for generations, has announced plans to provide housing for the elderly in part of the land near Stilgargan.

The action of the Holy Heart Association, which established local monasteries and schools in 1865, reflected the aging of the congregation and the declining number of monks.

There will be a long discussion in the Irish-Scottish District Council on “Appropriate Use of Lands on Mount Anville and for a Community of More Than 150 Years.” The district, which once had 270 sisters, now has 45 retired sisters, with an average age of 82.

An “age-appropriate” housing project for low-income monks and members of the wider community will provide up to three acres of land on Lower Kilmadud Road.

The program provides housing mix for seniors on the housing list and other people who choose to live in the area, ”he said.

Parishioners have been discussing the initiative with the approved Sofia Housing Association in Central Dublin. However, a spokesman for the parishioners said the land was being sold, leased or simply asked to the housing association. “It’s a decision that has not yet been made,” he said.

In 2007, the community moved to a place called Mount Anville Holy Heart Education Trust, which is a trustee of Montesso High School and the teenage Montesso School.

He said the proposed project would not affect educational institutions associated with Mount Anville schools, including large sports facilities.

The parishioners, who were preparing to discuss plans for a plan with Dunn Labarier-Raz Down County Council, said the decision reflects the country’s housing crisis and the lack of adequate housing for the elderly. He added that the state’s population is aging and the number of elderly people is increasing rapidly.

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