May 9, 2021


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A man dies after a New House fire

One person died last Friday in a house fire in New Down, Co.

According to the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NRS), firefighters were reported to have caught fire in a house on Forkhill Street in Clogglog on Friday afternoon at 4.54 p.m.

Two fire extinguishers were found before the fire was extinguished.

A statement from NIS said: One fire extinguisher was found at the New York Fire Station and one at the Newtown Hamilton Fire Station.

When the workers arrived, the fire was well lit. Firefighters, armed with jets, entered the property to extinguish the blaze. Tragically, one of the men was injured and died on the spot.

“One woman was injured and was taken to hospital.

The fire has been contained since 7.11 a.m. and is believed to have been caused by an accidental fire.

Belfast Telegraph