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Adapting boutique wholesale fresh fruit and vegetable distribution business – Early N Fresh – the home delivery model, which kicked off the first Melbourne lockdown in March last year, has proven a feat for husband and wife owners Simon Javor and Izzy Felsmann.

Before then, the successful business, founded in early 2017, delivered fresh produce from the wholesale markets in Epping early every morning Monday through Friday to more than 100 cafes, restaurants, cafeterias and schools in Melbourne’s southeast. When non-essential businesses had to close and sales began to drop, Early N Fresh turned to its Monday-Friday home delivery service, allowing new customers to select and order market fresh fruit and vegetables for free delivery using their website. until the next business day for orders with a total of at least 50 TL.

“We do not offer pre-made or pre-mixed boxes because we pride ourselves on offering our customers only the freshest and highest quality products,” said Javor. “They can choose the products they want and need from our online store, and they are all delivered in our uniquely branded Early N Fresh boxes.”

Things are now reviving for Early N Fresh and a new trend has emerged to add personal touches or souvenirs to delivery packages following requests from customers. Recently, an Early N Fresh customer surprised her mom on her birthday with a box of hand-picked fruits, vegetables and a few extra personal gifts tossed in; this made his day especially during this isolation period when it was handed over to him.

“The specials in that box came directly from our customer – we picked them up from his home when he was delivering his last order – it was a great idea,” Felsmann said. “We do this kind of gift deliveries a lot now.

“People want to send boxes of fresh food with their chosen items to others, such as close family members and friends, to add an extra personal touch. “We now have greeting cards that customers can fill out and add to the box that is delivered.”

He added that even businesses and organizations are starting to place orders for their employees and their families. An example is the Richmond Football Club. “The Tigers have ordered fresh food packages from us for their staff, as well as gift boxes for family members of their players who have been away from the AFL’s quarantine centers this season due to tight COVID-19 restrictions. [that were] in place. “It was a nice touch to show they care.”

The couple said the home delivery arm included in their business model will certainly continue and continue to grow. “Even with the COVID-19 restrictions [were] done and we [were] we can deliver fresh food to restaurants, catering establishments and schools, [kept] Home deliveries are on the way,” Felsmann said. “To adapt to this model when the first quarantine starts from the end of March [last year] In the end it was a blessing in disguise because it has been so successful and people love it for the convenience, quality and choice.” Felsmann added that the rapid growth in home deliveries has ensured the retention of the hard-working staff team.

“in March [last year]Unfortunately, Simon had to sack several staff members, but was able to gradually get them back. Now we’re happy to say they’re all back and we were even able to hire an additional staff member. And for Simon and I it was an added bonus of being able to meet so many wonderful people in the community we currently deliver to, including many new Jewish customers. He brought a lot of beautiful people into our lives.”

Early N Fresh delivers southeast of Melbourne Monday through Friday. Customers have until 10 PM to receive their orders for next day delivery. Visit early refresh.com.au

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