May 9, 2021


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A new boutique micro festival is coming to Cambridge this summer

New Winter Micro Festival is coming to Cambridge this summer.

And in a week’s time, live music, comedy shows and classic movies, after a year of DVD ban, give you a chance to enjoy some summer fun.

The remote festival will be held at the Shel Leford Rugby Club from June 30 to July 6, and tickets are on sale now.

It was the invention of Henry Patterson and Desk and Duke Events that organized several successful driving events while locked in while studying at a university in Sussex.

Henry, who is currently combining the festival’s work with a degree in economics and politics, described what he described as a “salesman, a public figure.” And in the Royal Army engineers, Will’s background means he is the developer and the engineer.

The couple are now turning into small festivals and are holding their first event in the city where Henry grew up and worked on punches, working four years ago before moving to a union.

Henry said: “We have a lot of transfer skills, so we wanted to ride in small festivals, so we left for our first commercial boutique festival. .

“We start with Cambridge – we get to know the guys at the Shel Leford Rugby Club – and then we go down to Sussex. It’s all fun. Don’t get me wrong, getting in the car is a fun experience, but people really want to go back to human events and it’s fun to get involved.

The highlight of the festival was live music and comedy on Fridays and Saturdays, and ended with a cinema screening under the branding of Henry and Will Poshlix. Musical performances include Dora Papaski, Halo Strings, Max Bianco and Blue Heart, Eli Bree, Tas Sax and Roger Roger.

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Roger Roger, Simon Day, Colonel Spake Love Collection and Robin Alvarez as well as more artists on the mat

Bringing the Laughs Sin McGlolin, Dinsh Nathan and Esther Manio are in action with Dave Fensom.

“Through Pashlifka, you will find some shallow proseco and pim options and a few songs like Posh Dogs, Burger and Pizza, and a few tunes around the film,” said Henry.

“So our opening night will be the Great Gats. I used Harry Bezlein, a local friend of Cambridge, and he was able to get many of the action together to disrupt Cambridge’s best grass talk bands on Friday.

People finish work and end at 5pm and then head to the Shelford Ford Rugby Club for some music until midnight.

“We have four strings, so their instruments are on when they play classic club songs.

From 11 a.m. on Saturday, the main Saturday is the day we travel until midnight and sing in the evening. We end the day with a joke, then we continue the music.

We will be quiet again on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at Posh Felix Cinema. ”

Capacity is limited to those under 500 and is good with Henry.

“Being a micro festival makes the reality more personal and easier to manage because we are just getting started in the festival industry,” he said. “We want to travel fast before we start running. ”

Henry and Will’s Experience Successful driving experiences were born out of adapting to Covid’s limitations – and they stood well enough to enter the festivities.

“How can we adapt during Cove?” We thought. And driving – it makes a lot of sense. ”

Now that the lock is getting easier, they are taking their first steps toward bigger things.

“We want to build these and we will learn a lot this summer because the conditions are right,” Henry said.

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