A new law takes effect today making hearing aids available over the counter for as little as $200


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Thanks to a new law that takes effect today, you can now buy hearing aids over-the-counter (and online) without a prescription. This new law expands access to hearing devices for those with low-to-moderate hearing loss. Many of these over-the-counter hearing devices are significantly more affordable than prescription hearing aids. In fact, we’ve found some for as low as $199. If you’ve been putting off getting one due to cost, check out these budget-friendly hearing aids.

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Lexie Lumen hearing aids for seniors and adults, $799

Go Hearing Go Lite OTC hearing aids, $199

Hearing Assist ReCharge behind the ear hearing aids, $600

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently created a new category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. Those that have perceived mild to moderate hearing loss can purchase these hearing aids without a medical exam, prescription, or a fitting from an audiologist. This removes many of the costs and barriers associated with treating hearing loss. 

These hearing aids work similarly to prescription hearing aids. They amplify the volume of sounds to help people with hearing loss listen and communicate more easily. If you are unsure whether this type of hearing aid is right for you, Best Buy does offer an online hearing assessment that can help consumers decide whether to shop for OTC hearing aids or see an audiologist to explore prescription options. 

Keep reading to find a pair of OTC hearing aids that fit your needs and budget. Many of these devices are FSA and HSA-eligible, so you can purchase them with your pre-tax flexible spending account or health savings account if you have one.

Best over-the-counter hearing aids available now

These hearing aids are now available without a prescription directly from popular retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

Lexie Lumen hearing aids for seniors and adults



The Lexie Lumen hearing aids use dual microphones to deliver immersive sound. They are made with a sweatproof nano coating to reduce the risk of moisture damage. The hearing aids feature a slim tube that fits discreetly inside the ear and a ComfortTip for a comfortable and secure fit. They can be controlled via Bluetooth and the Lexie app. 

Lexie Lumen hearing aids for seniors and adults, $799

Go Hearing Go Lite OTC hearing aids


Best Buy

If you’re looking for a low-cost hearing aid, the Go Hearing Go Lite hearing aids are an excellent option. The compact in-the-ear hearing aids have an earbud-like design. They offer adjustable volumes that make sounds louder to help those with hearing loss. These rechargeable hearing aids give you up to 30 hours of use per charge. 

Go Hearing Go Lite OTC hearing aids, $199

Go Hearing Go Prime OTC hearing aids


Best Buy

For $100 more, the Go Hearing Go Prime offers some added features over the Go Lite model. The Go Prime hearing aids come with feedback cancellation and noise reduction to help you hear better in busier environments. These hearing aids can also remember the settings that you last used when you power them back on again, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of adjusting them every time you wear them.

Go Hearing Go Prime OTC hearing aids, $299

Eargo Max hearing aid 


Best Buy

Eargo hearing aids are a premium OTC hearing aid option if you want top-of-the-line hearing support without a prescription. These hearing aids feature an incredibly discreet design and a comfortable fit. They have an open fit design that suspends the hearing aids inside your ear canal, so you don’t feel like your ears are plugged up. They include adaptive noise reduction and strong sound quality.

Eargo Max hearing aid, $1,450 

Lucid Hearing Enlite Deluxe OTC hearing aids


Best Buy

These hearing amplifiers are designed to help wearers hear speech, music and other sounds more clearly. These hearing aids are battery-powered rather than rechargeable. They run for up to 12 days on a single battery, making them a good option for people that don’t want to worry about having to plug in another device every night.

Lucid Hearing Enlite Deluxe OTC hearing aids, $300

Hearing Assist ReCharge behind the ear hearing aids


Best Buy

These Hearing Assist hearing aids have a discreet behind-the-ear design. They can be controlled with the Hearing Assist mobile app, which includes a self hearing check that can tune your hearing aids. The hearing aids also feature advanced digital feedback suppression and advanced background noise reduction for clearer sound.

Hearing Assist ReCharge behind the ear hearing aids, $600

EarCentric EasyCharge rechargeable hearing aids 



The EarCentric EasyCharge hearing aids are another affordable option. This model offers 20 hours of hearing time on a single charge. These hearing aids feature a manual volume control on the side, so you can adjust the volume without having to connect to a mobile app. They also include noise cancellation to reduce background noise so that wearers can hear more clearly.

EarCentric EasyCharge rechargeable hearing aids, $199

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