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A Philadelphia fire truck drives into the building — what we know


Police are still investigating the incident as L&I works to prevent a crash.

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Four firefighters were injured when their truck crashed into the wall of a North Phillie building on Thursday afternoon, city officials said. The driver who hit the truck was also taken to hospital; His condition is unclear.

Officials told Billy Penn that the 7th and Girad mixed-use buildings are now structurally unstable.

The Philadelphia Police Department, which is actively investigating how it all went down, released a few new details Friday afternoon.

Just Thursday 4 p.m., engine 29 was reported They had the lights and the siren He headed east to answer a call near the front and Daphne streets in Kensington. Police say he was hit by a Toyota Avalon as he tried to turn left.

As the driver of the fire truck turned around to avoid further impact, the engine hit the gradient in the middle of the payload, crashed into a Toyota 4-speed sprinter, and was carefully placed on the road and buried in front of the building. On the north side of the road.

Fire engine accident
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After the accident, crews from the Licensing and Inspection Department spent hours searching for the structure, and the fire truck mounted on the gray outer wall could be removed immediately without risk of falling.

The building on 701 Girard Street is still considered “extremely dangerous,” according to L&I spokeswoman Karen Gus. “The department will meet today with the property owner and an engineer to decide what to do next,” he added.

The records show the building, They cost $ 830,000, Owned by an apartment rental company Sánchez Realt.

It is not clear if anyone was in the ground when the truck crashed. No injuries were reported from the building, according to Fire Department on Twitter.

Mark Heinner / Virtual Digital

The driver of the car that was seen to start the chain reaction was taken to the hospital, according to information police.

Kathy Matison, a firefighter who confirmed the release of all firefighters, also had no information about the man. On Thursday night, however, Assistant Fire Chief Charles Walker told ABC 6 The injuries were not seen Life-threatening.

The investigation is ongoing. Police spokeswoman Tanya Little said no charges had been filed.

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