May 6, 2021


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A review of the diamond collection developed by Pandora Laboratory

Diamond may be a “girl’s best friend,” but they are not so kind to the planet because mining is so important to them Local Influence

For the context, just one carat of diamonds can cause up to 3.1 tons of displacement and require 8.9 liters of fuel. The same can be said of diamond mining, which can lead to the displacement of both humans and wildlife.

These concerns have led to an increase in demand for artificial alternatives – almost exclusively 70 percent millennials and Generation Z Now consider laboratory grown stones.

One of the first major Jewelry products Promising to make changes in business and mining Pandora announced plans to completely neutralize carbon by 2025. Danish company In the future, he said, he would use only diamonds produced in the next laboratories, and only to remove new minerals from silver and gold.

As part of this pledge, Pandora announced the first end-of-laboratory diamond collection. Prices start at 6 250 on May 6. The rings in the collection range from 0.25 to one carat, from rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets, and contain only precious metals, including yellow gold, white gold and silver.

The move is a step in the right direction, with carbon emissions cut by two-thirds for silver and more than 99 percent for gold. Most importantly, Pandora’s laboratory-grown stones are said to possess all the same qualities as diamonds, which means that the pearls are in agreement with the beauty and physicality of the real deal. The brand achieves this by using technology to heat hydrogen gas up to 800C to replicate the underground process.

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“The need for sustainable business is becoming more and more important. Companies need to play their part in climate change and depletion of natural resources,” said Alexander Lakik, CEO of Pandora.

But do they really look and feel like the real thing? We had access to the collection before the start to filter. Evaluate everything from quality and design to style and cost, read below to find our favorite pieces.

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Pandora Brazil with gold glitter chain bracelet with 0.50 carats

Ideal for everyday wear This soft bracelet is made of semi-recycled gold chain and a pearl necklace made from a single lab in tears. Perfect to take you from day to night, a simple chain bracelet will add a touch of sparkle to your look. With two holes to adjust, it is convenient and customizable. Although Pandora’s modern styles are popular with Generation Z, the older designs in the “brilliant” collection may also interfere with others.

Pandora’s bright necklace and necklace with gold 0.25 carats

All the items in the collection have endless patterns around diamonds, this necklace completes the gold bracelet above. Made of semi-recycled gold, the 0.25 carat diamond placed in a twisted teardrop has the same effect as our traditional diamond jewelry – repeating a mineral-like crystal lattice structure in the laboratory.

Pandora’s bright open bang in 0.25 carats of gold

There is something about Bohemian sentiment that is indistinguishable from the one at the same time. This Pandora’s style boasts a contemporary style, easy to adjust, easy to clap and wear. The band is made of recycled white gold, which is 0.25 diamonds higher than the one in the laboratory design of the twisted infinity motif.

Pandora’s bright shiny chain chain bracelet with 0.1 carats

A low-cost piece in the new collection, this bracelet is made from a list of 0.1 carats of pearls made from recycled silver. He thanked the milk chain for the light on our hands and for the others to stack. A more affordable way to get a diamond into a lab, this is like giving the first piece of jewelry or a fun gift for yourself on pay day.

Pandora’s bright ring with white gold with 1 carat

If your wallet is out, add this timeless gold ring to your collection. Although invested, the piece feels as luxurious as the price tag, the gold band made of semi-recycled materials gives a nice twist, and a carat of gold jewelry adds to all the bells and whistles. The lightweight, twisted band emphasizes the diamond, which looks like a real deal and refuses.

White gold in 0.25 carats Pandora Brazil Bead Earrings

Take a fun look at the classic, this earring is a good mix of D and huggie hoop. A glitter piece (the earrings are sold separately), designed to mix and match with other metals, is placed in a fine-grained finish with 0.25 carats of stone and is slightly twisted. By hanging the ear, the earbuds look a little hop while the earbuds are beautiful. A good alternative to your regular pair of nails.

Pandora’s bright necklace and necklace in silver at 0.15 carats

This necklace is a beautiful everyday piece, paired with a silver bracelet and at the same price point. Combined with the other pieces, the finest silver chain (partially recycled materials) works well, but the 0.15 carat stone also speaks for itself.

The stone that grew in the laboratory shed the same light as our real diamond ring, and the few we asked to compare did not notice any difference. And they can’t make the average mistake, considering that they cost less than 40 percent of the stones.

Judgment: Pandora’s Brightness Collection

The laboratory-grown jewelry market is growing by 15 to 20 percent annually. Pandora’s latest brilliant collection Strengthens the growing demand for ethical options. One of the biggest gems is that these developments are promising for more responsible practices in the industry – and we are here for it.

Pieces start at 250 250 and will not be cheap – but diamonds are forever and these laboratory-grown options have continued. Still, at a fraction of the price of a real diamond, both products are more affordable and durable. Appealing to thousands who have fallen in love with the real bargains, the endless style throughout the collection introduces a more ancient and timeless style to the Pandora’s catalog.

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