A smart way to bring widgets to Chrome OS


A few weeks, Chrome OS getting so many new features, we seem practical drowning in possibilities. And man is alive, that is a pleasant sensation (even with the figurative lack of oxygen).

A part of the Chrome OS experience not yet has changed a lot in recent years, though, is the desktop environment – you know, the Chromebook’s unusually humble home screen. Sure, the taskbar area (aka the Chrome OS shelf) has learned a few new tricks over time, but the desktop itself has remained insultingly blank and free from advanced functionality ever since. start it.

That’s a stark contrast to Android, where the home screen is an all -purpose panel for both app shortcuts and interactive widgets. Widgets in particular have the potential to do that very important information readily available, and they will be equally useful more Chrome OS is already productivity-oriented.

But despite all my desires and calling magic virtual-genie spirits, Google has yet to give us the ability to put widgets on a Chromebook desktop. (Surprising, I know. I’m starting to wonder if my power in witchcraft isn’t as strong as it led me to believe.) You can install Android apps on a Chromebook, of course, but widgets? No. Fuhgeddaboutit. It won’t happen, Horatio.

Or so you might think. Google may not have officially supported Android widgets on Chrome OS until now, but with a little creative tinkering, you can build yourself a custom panel filled with any widgets you want and then make them all available. from anywhere on your Chromebook system. It’s a custom Chrome OS productivity dashboard, essentially, and will take you all four minutes to set up.

Here, take a look – here’s a Chrome OS widget panel that I put together in a moment, along with widgets that show my Gmail inbox, a monthly view of Google Calendar, a Todoist task list, and a collection Google Keep notes:

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