May 7, 2021


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A TikTok video showing a “shark” on the shores of Hove has spread the virus

When he thought it was safe to return to the water, he found a ‘shark’ rolling in the depths just off the coast of Sussex.

Thai Cots On Friday (April 30) at 7:00 pm, he was with a friend in Hove Lounge, where he said he saw a creature lurking between the waves.

As the body rotated through the gravel, the stop sign on the candle was visible above the water line in the video.

He said that he was “great,” but it is difficult to estimate how much he was.

Argus is in contact with shark experts to get their opinion.

Mr. Cots said more than a million people have seen the video since it was shared on social media, including Tikok.

“Yesterday we went down for a walk, and we saw it,” he said. “My friend was feeling the same load. We were both screaming and running in circles.

When we find our stability, we shape it. ”

In the video, Thai uses the caption: “You will never believe what we see.”

“Oh my God,” he said as he recorded a short video of a shark-like video in the ocean.

“I have never heard of such a thing,” says Thai. I didn’t know you could find sharks in or out of England Brighton.

“It was big, and some comments on my social network made the shark look huge. They say people can see them in the UK, but very few. He may have gone to the beach if he was pregnant. ”

A shark-like creature appeared on Hove Beach

According to Shark Trust, there are 21 species of sharks in UK waters throughout the year

But on the way to the beach, you will see one. Small spot cathards and nurses often leave egg evidence.

There are 11 species of deep water sharks, including Portuguese Dogfish, Black Dogfish, Kittype Shark and Gulper Shark.

Barking sharks also visit British waters.

The miraculous “dangerous” sharks never appear in British waters.

Shark Trust has also been contacted for comment.