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A common excuse is that it is a little harder to find a commission on women. Well, panel organizers just have to look a little harder. “Manles” is an anomaly when the issue in question is directly related to women, such as sexual rights and reproduction. Youth activists chanted, “Nothing about us without us”; The same is true for women.

If we want gender equality in the presidencies and parliaments and other positions of power, we must certainly be able to have women on every board. There is no reason to exclude women from any discussion, and there is every reason to include them, because they take a different view and raise questions and issues that men may never have considered.

Commitment A’no-manel

For this and other reasons, we have not promised a “ban” at the United Nations in Indonesia, and with the strong encouragement and support of the Canadian Ambassador, we have received more than 40 ambassadors – not just donor countries, but ambassadors from a wide range of countries. From any continent – to join them.

In addition, senior Indonesian government officials have joined the plan. There is still considerable interest, and we fully expect the number of ambassadors, ministers and even CEOs from the private sector to increase in the coming weeks.

The United Nations Indonesia has prepared a user-friendly and practical guide to help our national team members as well as our foreign partners avoid the hassle of organizing or talking at an event with Menel. Clearly, in some disciplines, women are far fewer than men, and even with the best of intentions, identifying specialist women is challenging.

There is still no silver bullet, no quick fix. The “Manel” phenomenon will not disappear overnight, but the United Nations has undoubtedly raised borders, increased the cost of neglecting women’s voices, raised public awareness, and multiplied the impact of normalizing the gender-balanced public policy discourse. Is.

The “no menal” commitment is sometimes interpreted as a strike for men. None of this is to demean the views of men, just point to the obvious and reverse it: a table without women is detrimental to the world of equality, freedom and peace that we seek to create, and We need it. “


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