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ABC to spotlight Erica Jane and Thomas Girardi’s legal drama in Doctor Who, Watch ‘The Housewife and the Hustler’ trailer


Erica Jayne and Thomas Girardik The spotlight will be on an upcoming special from ABC News Originals, housewife and hustler.

in the latest season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in which Erica. is showing his wealth between the claims that he and Thomas embezzled millions From his former clients including widows and orphans, his real-life legal drama is set to appear in a brand new show.

Once considered a warrior of justice, Girardi now faces charges of embezzlement from victims he vowed to protect. Featuring interview with East [Real Housewives] cast members daniel dust and Dana Wilkie, actress / comedian Heather McDonald, Victims and Legal Experts, The Housewife and The Hustler follow up on documents and money to find out who was involved, how much they knew and who would pay for the alleged crimes. Press release Revealed on June 2.

According to the announcement, the special will feature a “never aired confession tape” of Thomas, who once said he had tens of millions of dollars to his name, admitting that all of his finances would be lost. has since disbanded.

“Voicemail messages, court records and exclusive network interviews with victims Kathy and Joe Ruigomez and alleged victims Josie Hernandez and Bais Ramadhan portray Girardi as an attractive litigant who has reportedly lost his lifestyle and wife’s pop star. Dip into client trust accounts to finance careers,” the release said.

In addition to commentary from earlier housewives and alleged victim Thomas’s housewife and hustler will also include interviews with legal experts such as Chris Dardenhandjob Brian Kabatek and Neil Wertlieb, who described Thomas as “the magician behind the scenes”.

housewife and hustler Streaming begins on Hulu on Monday, June 14.

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