Abu Dhabi Agriculture celebrates World Food Day at Expo 2020 Dubai

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The Abu Dhabi Agricultural and Food Safety Authority participated in the events organized by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization “FAO” at Expo 2020 Dubai during World Food Day, which falls on October 16 each year, the day “FAO” was founded in 1945.

On this occasion, the Authority reaffirmed its commitment to promoting food safety concepts and developing public awareness of best practices for consumers, producers and food handlers. to reduce food waste and adopt healthy diets that help improve the health of consumers and society and prevent diseases caused by the wrong diet.

She pointed out that food security and public health are one of the strategic priorities that wise leadership attaches particular importance to, as our leadership believes that the future of nations is created by a person with a good mind and body.

She reaffirmed her commitment to translating the vision of wise leadership to improve the food security system by developing the necessary policies and legislation to increase local agricultural production, both plant and animal, and to apply best practices to maintain production and improve its quality, in addition to her commitment to achieving the highest levels of food safety in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi by ensuring the application of best practices related to food safety. At all stages of the food chain, adopt effective control systems and integrated awareness programs in agriculture and food based on international best practices and risk analysis principles; to improve the welfare and security of society.

She added that the application of good farming practices in Abu Dhabi’s farms is a key objective of the agency’s work, as extension engineers train and train farm owners and workers in applying best practices to maintain the quality of local products, increase sustainability along the supply chain and for consumers, reduce waste and ensure the safety of food traded in our markets.

The Authority explained that the quality of agricultural products is an integrated and continuous process that begins on the farm by selecting appropriate planting dates and varieties, passes through irrigation, fertilization, fruit thinning and pest and disease prevention and ends with the right methods of harvest and post-harvest transactions, and then transport the product correctly to the markets.

The agency stated that it is keen to participate in the celebration of World Food Day by a desire to increase a sense of public responsibility, as the United Arab Emirates is the largest supporter of programs to combat hunger and malnutrition at regional and global level, and the state provides financial support for the UN World Food Program in addition to the support it provides directly to countries suffering from humanitarian problems, supporting aid organizations in emergencies and crises, combating hunger and improving nutrition.


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