May 7, 2021


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Actress Jane Horoks talks about the new Sky show Demas

When I gave birth to my first child, I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. “Actress Jane Horoxes suddenly says the opposite.

In fact, they were called ambulance drivers a long time ago, so this is how I knew them. ”

It is an intriguing medical memory line that comes with the humorous “destruction” of the new heavens.

Golden Globe’s nominee, Horox, will be joined by Bafta-based actor and serial producer Samson Kayo, 29, as part of the South London Ambulance Service’s life-saving paramedic partners Wendy and Malik.

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“Before I started acting, I used to be a medical professional,” said Kayo, who is best known for his role in the BBC’s three-part series.

“I applied to the job center to be an ambulance support driver – then you can do that, now you have to train.

“Then you could just get out of the taxi!”

Like some successful television experiments, Destruction was born out of personal experience and a handful of “whatever”.

“Man [Barwell] He approached me at Roughcut and asked me if I wanted to make it shorter – and what I wanted to do, ”said the professor of production producer, who is best known for his work on Cass’s comic book Letters.

“I just went back there and thought, ‘I wish I could go with him.’

“And blood was born!”

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Glasgow Times

Horoks, best known for its award-winning comedy comedy, is a scene that combines two characters with amazing personalities, backgrounds and ages.

“I like the combination of Samson’s character with Malachi; They’re a very unlikely pair, and I think unlikely couples are fun – it’s challenging.

She’s an eternally optimistic “she sees the best in people, she wants to have fun, she wants to communicate with people,” I think playing such promising characters sometimes takes people to the hive, and I think that’s really fun, people really respond.

“We are uncomfortable with positive people with our people – or maybe what about the British? So I love her. ”

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Glasgow Times

The Horoks and Kayo pairings create a humorous and deeply humorous partnership that ensures that the couple’s relationship goes beyond age, race and religion.

When Jane agreed to come in and we got home, we started talking and talking in the ambulance.

“We enjoyed each other’s stories and each other’s upbringing and each other’s culture.

“And you know, we have learned from each other, and I feel that is a great foundation and a great foundation for the two characters.”

Glasgow Times

You will be forgiven for thinking that the blood-sucking nature of Kayo’s life was just a dream come true. However, it soon became clear to the actor that a small insurance case could prove the ultimate obstacle.

Kayo said: “This wound hurt me, Brov – we saw it.

“And then when we got the series, Sky said ‘wheey, insurance, sorry, it’s not allowed! ‘it was.

“I was just like, ‘Uh, I wish I could be on these roads and throw in these lights and just do my own thing.’

Glasgow Times

Aside from the small issue of ambulance driving, Kayo’s biggest concern is his ability to lighten up the CV film, especially when it comes to the opening series of the series.

“There was a huge pile in Part One and I was worried because everything was so limited – the number of people allowed and the rules were changing.

“So before we start, I ask myself, ‘Are we really capable? You can’t just have a car and one more thing with a necklace or something, it’s not really a big balance! ‘.

But then Routke was like, “No, we will really do it, we will be really big.”

Glasgow Times

It’s a comedy without blood, with stars such as Gavin and Este Adrian Scaroro, The Mighty Bosch Julian Bartat and Shadows Lucy Punch.

Kayo said, “When I found out we had these actors, I said, ‘Yeah, Kovid will definitely hit everyone, boy, no one works! ‘” I have been .

“Then you will know that they really love the article and that they really like it the world That we were trying to create and they think it’s funny, and I think it’s really hot to see that.

“The main reasons why I created such scenes are: a) to inspire young people to be different, and b) to create roles for the people around me and my talented friends.

Because I feel blessed to be in a humorous position where I can create all these shows.

Glasgow Times

Despite his interest in humor, Kayo quickly realizes that Sam Campbell has been thrown out by another comedian.

He was a prankster on the player, he built a temple for me in the trailer, he just had a lot of different pictures of me and he didn’t tell me the whole recording!

“And one day I went in and said, ‘What the hell is going on there? I said.

“He had a lot of pictures inside of me, and I never saw him!

But it was a beautiful vibration on his face, almost like a college classroom or a classroom.

We had something like a little table tennis and Jane was beating everyone on the table tennis, and it really hurt me! ”

However, Horox Track was an important piece of information that he chose not to share with his assigned team members.

The actress is really afraid of blood.

“They didn’t tell me!” Kayo screamed in shock at the vision.

I’m glad I didn’t do any blood prank because otherwise it wouldn’t have been done well. ”

“Yes, cosmetologist Sam could have caused a lot of damage to you,” Horox laughed.

“I went to the ashes and fell to the ground!”

Blood will be available on May 5 on Sky One and NOW TV.