Adele Releases ‘Easy On Me’, First Single A Video From The Album ’30’ – Deadline

The first new music in six years by British superstar singer Adele is out today, marking her return after a long hiatus that saw a divorce and a remarkable physical transformation.

That new song, “Easy on me, “Is a replacement Midtempo ballad that, like her other songs, reflects her real life experiences.” Just go to me, baby, “she sings. to feel / Did not have time to choose what I chose / So make me easy. “

The music video starts in black and white and is in the same place as Adele used in her video for the 2015 hit single “Hello”.

The song and the video are part of 30, released their fourth full-length album, November 19th. Adele is actually 33 years old.

Adele was clear in an Instagram live over the weekend about what her new album is, “Divorce, Baby, Divorce.” In the, in a Twitter statement Wednesday, she describes the album as his “Ride or die in the turbulent period of my life.”

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