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After a bat was found in a commercial building, an Air India flight returned to Delhi


one Air India The plane had to return DelhiShortly after his departure from the Indian capital, a bat was spotted flying in his home at the International Airport.

Air India Flight 105 was scheduled to depart from Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport in New York on Thursday at 2:20 p.m.

The Boeing 777 remained in the air for about 30 minutes on the ship.

The mammal was spotted by staff in the business department and was flying between different parts of the aircraft, and the decision was reversed to Delhi.

According to Indian media, the sick and dead bat was flown out of the eighth row near Commercial D, E and F, and returned to service on Friday.

AI-105 DEL-EWR returned to Delhi after the emergency was declared. Upon arrival, staff members were spotted spotting a bat in the house. Wildlife workers were called in to catch and pick up bats. The plane landed peacefully around 3.55 in the morning, ”a local media outlet reported.

Shortly after take-off, the 13-year-old Boeing 777-300 took over 30,000 feet northwest of Delhi for more than an hour, according to the monitoring app FlightRadar24.

Air India Flights 105 near Delhi before returning home after being spotted by a bat


An investigation has been launched but an Air India official said IndiaToday They believe that the animal may have been on the plane when it was loaded with food.

An official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “Maybe the mouse is always coming from their vehicles and can load up on food trucks.”

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