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After Chris Cells’ claim, Queen Nieza responded that she had not been invited to their son’s kindergarten graduation.


The relationship between Chris Sales and Queen Niger was strong and as they both move on to start a new family, it seems they can’t get on the same page when it comes to their son’s CJ. At the moment, the two are working on co-parenting but it looks like Quinn is tired of the latest claims on social media.

If you know Chris Sales, you know he’s always ready to tell his fans the side of the story via Instagram, and nothing changed on Friday afternoon. Fans noticed he wasn’t posting pictures from CG’s graduation, with Chris responding to a comment claiming he wasn’t invited.

“Didn’t get any invitations,” he asked a woman about his absence. “He doesn’t even know he graduated today. The chaos that is taking place. “

Chris’s comment quickly turned into a whirlwind and Queen Nyza said something of her own about her child’s father.

“Here we go again …” the queen commented. “Chris can’t leave Houston. He said lots of times after I asked him to come to Atlanta. Also he just called me sad h * e. We don’t have a ‘running smooth’ co-parent relationship after I make an effort… so I’ll invite him knowing why he can’t take part. “

The queen added that she was treating her son Legend as ill and had not thought about informing Chris about the ceremony.

“I was talking to a 2-year-old patient with a high fever. Why am I thinking of something else?” He wrote. “If we don’t talk regularly, I’m not thinking of calling anyone for a 20-minute kindergarten graduation. You will kill me Staff I’m tired of everyone. “

Quinn also left some tweets about being in her personal business, and her guy Karens wasn’t too far behind with some of his own words.

Clarence tweeted, “Get yourself out of a position and don’t let any other n * jiga raise your son.” “You can’t call someone ab * tchhh * e or continue to do disrespectful things and then urge them to say ‘your son / niece’s postgraduate tomorrow’ which is how life doesn’t work … but doesn’t make any sense about yourself!” Always be happy that he has a mother who thinks about his studies and brings him to this stage, because none of you are sure that he is straight and is not willing to set himself apart to show it. “

Chris hasn’t responded since his first post, but we’ll keep you updated, Rummes!

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