May 9, 2021


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After the Scottish Chips M&S cake row, serve the deep fried Colin caterpillar

one East Kilberd Chip laughed and checked with Colin’s caterpillar controversy Delicious food To a deep frying pan.

Emmanuel Fish and Chip Shop was asked by the local catering service to cook their favorite MSS dessert in Jebena.

Pictures shared social media Show the beaten chocolate cake over medium-high heat.

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And he expressed his support for Aldi as the organization prepared for A Court battle With a giant street giant on the cake ‘Cutbert Caterpillar’ cake, similar to the budget supermarket.

East Kilbrid Itts wrote on Facebook: “# Frequent We accepted the offer and just went and did it !!

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Emmanuel’s Fish and Chip Shop in St. Leonard kindly helped us to stand up for Couture, beating a caterpillar cake! ”

last month Revealed Marx and Spencer claim legal action against Aldi over claims Supermarket Colin caterpillar violates trademark

M&S Aldi is urging all Cubert caterpillars to sell their products and agree not to sell the same in the future.

Aldi’s product has been accused of ‘sitting on a coat’ for Colin’s reputation.