Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots lifts post-Brexit controls on pet travel from UK to NI ‘indefinitely’

Northern Ireland’s ferrets now have unrestricted access to Great Britain.

ost-Brexit checks on pets traveling between Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be lifted “indefinitely”, according to Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots.

Mr Poots said he had instructed his officials to allow the passage of all pet dogs, cats and ferrets without any control between the GB and NI as negotiations between the UK and the EU continue.

In June, Mr. Poots suspended all controls on pet travels until at least 1 October, as a result of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The UK has Part 2 listed status under the EU Pet Travel Plan; This means that pet dogs, cats and ferrets and companion dogs traveling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland must have an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) from a veterinarian and come through a veterinarian. official entry point.

Dogs that are treated for tapeworm and rabies should also be vaccinated. There is no disease on the island of Ireland.

Mr Poots said he spoke with the UK Environment Secretary, George Eustice.

“As negotiations continue between the UK Government and the EU to resolve the currently unenforceable Protocol, I am not prepared to allow people traveling with pets between GB and NI to deal with the ongoing uncertainty over whether they should have checkups and vaccinate their animals. For diseases that are almost completely eliminated here,” said Mr. Poots.

“I want to give the necessary clarity and therefore I have instructed my authorities to allow indefinitely permit all pet dogs, cats and ferrets traveling from the UK to NI until negotiations are successful.

“The control requirements I have suspended are not necessary, especially given that the last rabies case on these islands was in 1922. I am also particularly concerned about the impact of these measures on travelers with pets.”

The protocol is part of the Brexit deal that introduced controls over goods crossing the Irish Sea as a compromise to avoid checks at the land border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

The UK Government and the EU remain locked in negotiations due to difficulties with trade regulations.

The DUP and other unionists in Northern Ireland have criticized trade regulations, while party leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson warned on Tuesday that the DUP will not return to government if elections are called and issues around the NI protocol remain unresolved.

The leader has also previously warned his ministers that they will try to circumvent additional checks and refuse to do so.

Last week, the UK Government extended the so-called grace periods after Brexit Minister Lord Frost confirmed that the Government will continue the “baseline” approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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