Ahmaud Arbery verdict – live: Biden condemns ‘terrible crime’, all three defendants convicted of murder

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Ahmaud Arbery’s mother reacts to three guilty verdicts over her son’s murder

Three white men found guilty of murder Ahmaud ArberyA black runner they were chasing in their truck was shot dead as they drove through a suburban neighborhood. Georgia last February.

The shooting, combined with the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May, inspired mass racial injustice protests of 2020.

Gregory McMichael, his son Travis, and their neighbor, William “Roddie” Bryan, are facing a total of nine state charges, including malicious murder, aggravated murder, false imprisonment, aggravated assault with a 12-gauge shotgun, and aggravated assault on a pickup truck, after pursuing Mr. . Arbery, 25, on February 23 last year through the community of Satilla Shores near Brunswick, Georgia.

The jury began deliberations in Glynn County, Georgia on Tuesday and spent more than 10 hours examining the charges before returning a complex final verdict.

Travis McMichaelThe man who shot Mr Arbery was found guilty on all nine charges.

Riding in the same truck as his son Travis, where the men were armed with pistols and shotguns, Gregory McMichael was found not guilty of willful murder but on all other charges.

Neighbors Bryan, who followed in his own truck and filmed the encounter, was found not guilty of malicious murder and one grievous murder, but found guilty of three other aggravated murders and three other charges.


‘Black lives matter’: America reacts to Ahmaud Arbery decision

There were cries of celebration and relief after three white men were found guilty of murder Ahmaud Arbery, a black runner they shot and killed while walking through a suburban neighborhood Georgia in early 2020.

Georgia Democrat and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams He wrote on Twitter: “The jury believed the evidence in their eyes and saw the evil in the hearts of the murderers. May this decision bring some peace to Ahmaud Arbery’s family and loved ones.”

Speaking outside the courtroom after the verdict, Reverend Al Sharpton noted the jury’s landmark decision: “And let the news be heard around the world that a jury of 11 whites and one Black has stood up in the Deep South. He spoke in the courtroom and said Black lives matter. ”

Nathan Place24 November 2021 20:30


Sen Raphael Warnock: ‘Ahmaud should be with us today’

Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock issued a statement on the Ahmaud Arbery decision, hailed the result, but said it was far from “true justice.”

“This decision promotes a sense of responsibility, but not true justice,” Warnock said. “True justice is like a Black man who doesn’t have to worry about getting hurt or killed while running, sleeping in his bed, living a life that should have been so long. Ahmaud should be with us today.”

Nathan Place24 November 2021 20:20


President Biden reacts to decision, calls Arbery murder ‘horrible crime’

President Joe Biden issued a statement on the decision, calling the murder “a devastating reminder of how far we have to go in the fight for racial justice in this country.”

“Mr. Arbery should be here today, celebrating the holidays with his mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, and father, Marcus Arbery,” said the President. “Nothing can bring Mr. Arbery back to his family and community, but the verdict assures that those who committed this terrible crime will be punished.”

“While guilty verdicts may reflect that our justice system is doing its job, that alone is not enough,” he continued. “Instead, we must recommit ourselves to building a future of unity and shared strength, where no one fears violence because of skin color. My administration will continue to work hard to ensure that equal justice before the law is not just a phrase etched in stone on the Supreme Court, but a reality for all Americans.”

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Ahmaud Arbery’s mother trembles as the verdicts are read

Ahmaud Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, could be seen shaking her head and shaking hands with emotion as her son’s murderers were declared guilty.

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Georgia governor praises decision, condemns ‘vigilance’

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued a statement regarding the decision, condemning the actions of Arbery’s killers and hoping for national “recovery.”

“Ahmaud Arbery has been the victim of lawlessness that has no place in Georgia,” Kemp wrote. “As legal efforts continue to hold accountable anyone who may be responsible, we hope that the Arbery family, the Brunswick community, our state and those around the nation following his cause can now move forward on a path of recovery and reconciliation.”

Nathan Place24 November 2021 19:50


All three defendants were found guilty of murder

All three defendants – Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan – were convicted of killing Black runner Ahmaud Arbery, whom they chased in their truck while passing through a Georgia suburban neighborhood and then shot him to death. last February.

The shooting, combined with the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May, inspired mass racial injustice protests of 2020.

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