Ahmaud Arbery’s murderer convicted of murder and internet responds

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Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Jury finds three men guilty of killing Ahmaud Arbery

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Gregory and Travis McMichael along with their killer cameraman William “Roddie” Bryan have been convicted of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. It goes without saying that the BOSSIP staff is ecstatic and millions of other black people across the country are happy that a little justice has been served and that these men are getting what they deserve.

However, the brief recovery from the chronic pain we have experienced year after year does not give us a false sense of security from America’s criminal justice system. People fully recognize that this is the exception, not the rule.

There is no sentence that could make us forget that the state of Georgia did not want this case. It did not matter to them. The life of Ahmaud Arbery did not matter. Fortunately, there was a black woman named Joyette Holmes who did not let this hate crime slip. This is why voting in municipal elections is important. Georgia is a state whose prosecutors and people decide it should be in power, this process may never have happened.

Also, do not forget about one of the main obstacles of this judgment. Prosecutor Jackie Johnson has been charged with criminal charges after convicted murderer and ex-cop Gregory McMichael called her to say that Travis McMichael had killed Arbery. Although she continued the case and withdrew herself, Johnson was eventually accused of trying to help McMichaels out of her murder-y lil ‘jam.

This breadth must be judged and condemned accordingly. It is not just a roadblock to justice, but truly unworthy to practice law.

We pray for peace for the Arbery family while we also pray for the warmest hell for McMichaels and William Bryan.


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