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Airbus competes with Czech Airlines on A321XLR and A220 | | Story


Airbus has filed a lawsuit against Czech Airlines for nearly Kc17 billion ($ 814 million) over the payment of seven aircraft controlled by a distressed flag bearer.

Czech Airlines filed a loan repayment earlier this year and the bidders were advised to pay their dues. The insolvency letter covers more than 6,400 plus entries on May 20 from Airbus’ partnership with Airbus Canada.

Airbus’ proposals for the control of Czech Airlines for three A321XLRs and A220-300s, a deal that took place in 2019 when the carrier completely changed the order of the seven A320neos.

The total amount related to the A321XLR regulation amounts to Kc12.14 billion, including 11 recipients, while the total A220s are Kc4.84 billion with seven categories.

For the A321XLRs, the airframer requires an unpaid portion of the total purchase price, Kc2 billion per airline, which is slightly different depending on the design.

But it is also setting aside Kc6 billion in compensation for other damages, including lost profits, for “breach of debt agreements”.

The other nine sub-issues are related to the programming, marketing and technical activities of twinjets, such as navigation and ADS-B systems.

Airbus Canada has also filed similar complaints on four A220s including the unpaid purchase price of approximately Kc525 million per airline – Kc2.1 billion overall – plus the payment of Kc2.4 billion.

The pilot has linked his claim to a “several reminders” sent to the debtor stating that he is “immutable” in fulfilling the terms of the contract.

Airbus Canada has also filed separate complaints regarding the third and fourth A220 Aircraft controls.

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