Alaska Thunderfuck On Making “All-Winners All Stars,” Memoirs, Music

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I have to ask another big question that your fans want to know and that is whether there will be a AAA Girls reunion soon?

AT 5000: I do not know. We are all really busy. I mean, the moment I’m in New York, William is in the UK, and I do not know on what continent the Courtney Act is. So it’s very difficult to align the stars for the three of us to do that. But, I do not know, if someone pays us a very hefty ton of money, I’m sure we can clear our schedule.

You have to get one of those private gigs. That’s the deal. They pay for everything, they fly you, they set you up, and then they give you a big check.

AT 5000: When someone listens [laughs]. In all honesty, we talk all the time, we have a group chat, and we talk constantly. It’s just our schedule they are really crazy. But who knows. Anus thing is possible!

Well, you’re also a little too busy now to reunite with them, because from November onwards, you’re actually going back to your theatrical roots and playing in the Pasadena SpillhausProduction of Head over heels. Is theater something you want to do more of?

AT5000: Yes! I’m such a theater kid and theater was my gateway drug to be safe. So, like, my heart lives in the theater. I love the tradition of it. I love the ritual: rehearsals, call times and curtains. I love it so much. Again this is a really cool production. They imagine it as a dance party and a concert, and we too get to make this really fun music. The cast is awesome. And I get to do it a whole bunch of times!

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