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Alex Rodriguez has yet to surpass Jennifer Lopez’s reunion with Ben Affleck – it’s ‘Stong’ and he’s trying to ‘avoid’ their romance!


According to some new reports, Alex Rodriguez is trying his best to avoid the issue that has been raised due to the reunion of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Is he still his ex, J.L.

Just over a month have passed since Jennifer and Alex stopped their engagement and most of the time she is spending with her 2000 flame, Ben Affleck.

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With that said, insiders are telling HollywoodLife that it was especially painful for Alex Rodriguez to see Jane and Ben back together, especially after they split so quickly.

A source told HollywoodLife that ‘Alex is burying himself in the work and trying to finalize his contract by buying Minnesota Timberwalls to take him away from his feelings during the breakup with Jane, but still a bit rough because his feelings are still strong for him. He is well aware of all that has happened to him and Ben but is trying to stay away from it as much as possible. He doesn’t want to feel bad about something that falls out of a rabbit hole that he can no longer control. He knows he’ll be back on track and work will take him there but so far he’s trying to avoid Ben and Jane which everyone seems to remember. ‘

Moreover, Jennifer and Ben were finally seen spending quality time in Miami long ago.

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With that said, it turns out that Alex Hartford, Connecticut, was convinced on the very day they arrived that he had avoided the new couple.

‘It stings that Jennifer Miname was with Ben, it was a little closer for comfort because it’s still so fresh for her. It was another big sign to him that he should be let go and move on. Another has an underlying claim, it may not be easy for him to attack Jennifer but he is a strong man and he does not want to sit back sad, he knows he has blessed, ‘another underlying claim.


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