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All about the zipper


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I guess almost everyone who listens to this podcast has used a zipper in the last 24 hours.

They are everywhere at this time and many people never give much thought to them. But creativity is an invention and requires many other technologies to become one.

Learn about the zipper, how it was invented and how it is used today, everywhere in this section.


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Zip is an unusual invention because it does not really solve a problem. It’s a folding tool, and we had sewing kits before the zipper was invented. Buttons, hooks, and straps all do the same thing as zippers.

Plus, the zip can’t be invented anytime soon. As you will soon see, ancient Chinese or Roman zips were not really possible in the light of modern technology.

The very first attempt to create something close to the zipper was in the fall. In 1851, Howe, invented by the American Elias Howe, invented the sewing machine, a precursor to modern sewing machines.

His patent was for automatic, continuous closure of clothing. It was the first real experiment with what we call a zipper. However, since Howe’s sewing machines were so successful, he never worried about the patent for his garment. He is the father of Zipper, although he is a millionaire.

The invention had no teeth, perhaps something closer to a zipper than a modern zipper.

Whitcomb Judson is credited with inventing the zip.

However, Jodson had many other inventions. However, like Howe, none of his other inventions really made any money.

Judson called the device a “claps lock” and used a hook and eye system that was different from a modern zipper.

He applied for a patent in 1891, and his original purpose was to wear shoes and boots. The patent application states, “It can generally be used anywhere to separate adjacent flexible parts.”

Even before the patent was approved, he introduced another patent that was much closer to what we know as a zipper.

According to the patent, the description of the device is as follows.

Of Each link of each chain is given a male and female part, and when the chains are joined together, one part of each chain acts on the male part of the other chain.

Pretty close to the modern zipper.

Linn In 1893, Judson founded Universal Strengthening Company in Chicago, the first company to manufacture zippers.

Unless they are called zippers yet.

Before I say that the ancient Chinese and Romans could not develop the zipper. The reason was related to manufacturing techniques.

Zippers require very similarly produced parts. The methods used to produce such quantities did not exist until the 19th century. Before these techniques could be invented, a master watchmaker or metalworker was required to produce a zipper, and even then, they had to copy each piece.

Judson’s link has been awarded many prizes, but it has not really been awarded in his lifetime.

Universal Financial Company eventually moved to New Jersey, then to Midville, Pennsylvania, and changed its name to Talon. A little more on them.

If Whitcomb Judson is the father of Zipper, Gideon Sun Back Back, a Talon worker, has actually tested the product. He increased the number of teeth by one inch, improved the locking mechanism, invented a better machine for producing teeth, and obtained a personal inventory. United States.

The word zipper was finally introduced into the dictionary in In 1923, BF Goodrisch introduced rubber boots under the name of Zipper. The name was originally used for the boot brand name, but the term became associated with the filtering method.

Zippers were still not widely used in the 1920’s. Their main use was in shoes and tobacco pockets.

Zip was first used on the jacket in Not until 1925.

After the French fashion designers discovered the zipper, they did not use the zipper on clothing until they began using it in men’s trousers.

Until 1947, Levis did not carry the first pair of blue jeans with a zipper.

Zippers are not and will never be invented by clothing manufacturers. It is a metal product that requires special machinery. Since the inception of third-party manufacturing Universal Fine Company, they have always been specialized in zippers.

Eventually, Tlon was the largest zipper manufacturer of the 1960s. About 70% of zippers used in the United States are made of tallow.

However, like many market leaders, they were lazy and lazy. They were expensive, but they did not invent anything new. Talon also continued to focus on the American market as the textile industry began to move overseas.

You may be able to see the first signs of the start-up company: YKK.

YKK for Yoshida K? G? Kabushiki Gaisha, which basically means Yoshida Manufacturing Company. Today they are simply YKK.

The YKK actually had their actions together and at all levels competed with Talon. They invested in their own manufacturing equipment. In fact, they made their own weapons. They are innovative in manufacturing processes and design.

They have opened manufacturing facilities around the world, including the United States. NASA went to the Japanese YKK instead of the American Talon Corporation to find zippers for its Apollo spacecraft.

Linn In the 1970s, they were producing low-cost products for Tallon.

YKK He grew up to become the global leader in zippers in the 1980s, and today the percentage of talons in the world market is at a low.

Today’s threat to the YKK comes mainly from China. There are very few companies competing with YKK in price. Many have names like YQQ or YCC to try YKKQ.

Today you can find zippers in a range of sizes, colors and materials. They are in everything you need to mix fabrics or flexible materials.

Linn In 2017, the aforementioned Talon Corporation created the world’s longest 3.1-mile zip.

In the world of zippers, new inventions are still being made. Under Armor it is easy to close the jacket with just one hand and two sleeves, a zipper with a magnet attached to the two sides at the bottom.

The zip is a simple and ubiquitous invention. The next time you inspect your zipper, you will be amazed at how amazing this simple device is.


Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

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