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All Creatures Big and Little Stars Convene in Thirsk Charm


Two stars of a hit TV drama took time off from filming and left the staff at a local attraction.

As the press reported on Tuesday, filming for Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small took place in Thisk on Bank Holiday Monday (May 31).

And the two main actors buzzed over their meeting at The World of James Heriot in Thirsk. Nicholas Ralph who plays James Heriot and Rachel Shenton, Helen met his on-screen wife, Rosie Page, daughter of the real James Heriot, who provided a personal guided tour of the attraction where she talks about her father, Alf White OBE. Learned in, who created fictional stories based on his real life as a working vet.

The actor was in town filming at the Ritz Cinema for a scene to be shown in episode six of the next series which will air in autumn 2021.

Managing Director Ian Ashton said: “Welcoming Rachel and Nicholas into the world of James Heriot and showing them all the new creatures great and small was a real treat. exhibition The room we have created to mark the success of the new TV series.”

Rachel and Nicholas both posed at the Alf White statues in the gardens and signed the TV series’ iconic image atop their own images in the All Creatures Great and Small Exhibition Room. Ian Ashton presented actor and producer, James Dean, each a miniature version of the Alf White statue.

Manager Kate Pawlett said: “The new all creatures great and small are bringing a whole new generation into the game for the attraction and the area. It was wonderful to welcome Rachel and Nicolas to the center, our visitors that day were surprised and they were here too. Glad to see it.”

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