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All Episode 6 Easter Eggs and Mystery

In episode 6 of Astonish‘s What if …?, Tony Stark controls his new Vibranium alloy drone technology with an interesting looking bracelet. Long time Marvel Cinematic Universe Fans have already seen it. It is the same bracelet that Tony Stark used to control the Iron Man armor in the first place Avengers Film. (You may remember that he used them to name the Iron Man armor when he jumped from the top of the Stark Tower.)

This is just one of the many Easter eggs, Marvel references, secrets you may have missed in the past What if …? An an eis deletes What if …? Video, we read dozens of them. That includes the interesting echoes between these What if …? in the Black Panther (such as the way the Killmonger delivered the claws to Wakanda in both cases as a way to get into the country), the way Erik’s gesture to mirror his Vibranium necklace to Tony Stark Iron Man 2, and as a deleted subplot over vibranium Iron Man 2 is referenced here in this sneakily What if …? See all and more below:

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