May 9, 2021


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All in all, Harry Wilson’s message to Liverpool’s future, Birmingham City hat-trick and Cardiff City fans

Cardiff City star Harry Wilson scored a hat-trick on Saturday afternoon to lower Birmingham City.

Prior to his return to Anfield this summer, Liverpool’s Liverpool loanee showed off his debut as the Blues’ penalty kick could be a hit.

Here is what the Welshman thinks about the future, how he feels when he travels to Europe with Wales, and where he believes the future is a lie …

Q. Great feeling for producing such a performance?

Harry Wilson When we entered this game, many people said it was a dead tire, but we did not see it that way.

I certainly don’t – I saw it as an opportunity to put in a good performance, to increase my numbers. So I personally enjoyed doing that and we as a team defended well.

They played a lot of long balls for their older boys, but the last three did that well. Going forward, we scored four goals and maybe three or four more the next day.

Q: Hattrick – What did you choose for your goals?

H. I think it should be between the first and the third. The second, although the free-kick went a long way, was recorded before the net, so it was probably not the biggest free-kick I scored.

I think I was the first to grab that pass and read it carefully. It was a natural strike because it was stuck under my feet and thanks went to the right side of the post and to the top corner.

Then I saw Johnny (Williams) warm up, so I knew he had been shot with a third. I think I wanted Flinten (Aden Flynn) but there is no way I can go beyond that with two goals and the fun is in the far corner!

Q: Mike McCarthy says you’re good enough to compete with Liverpool, is that how you feel?

H. Apparently, he joined Liverpool Liverpool and played for the club where he had been since I was eight.

But the quality of Liverpool Liverpool, the famous front three. I feel like I belong to that group. I want to go in there and think I can add something different.

I always trust in my abilities and I feel that playing with the players in that team will help me in my game. But that did not come out of my hand.

That was up for the manager to make those decisions, but I focused on finishing the year with Cardiff and playing against Wales in the Euros.

I decided to compete there and decided not to move to Liverpool.

I feel I should play as high as I can.

Question then for you big summer?

H. Yes it is . I know how big it will be this season, so I really want to go out and play to make sure I’m in good shape to go this summer.

I got the game card here in Cardiff. I am two numbers for help and I have seven goals so my numbers are fine but they could be better.

Heading into the winter, I feel like I am in good shape and it is now up to me to show that I have to be taken to those groups.

Q: What have you learned about your game so far?

H. I’m really happy. I’m happy as long as I play.

The way I played here was different from what I was used to, so I had to adjust my game.

But it was up to me to adapt my game and make sure I could help the team.

This year is better than the previous years. Although my goals may not be so great, I have helped the team in many ways.

My off-field career has certainly improved all season.

Sadly, before the international break, we were in a strange situation and we were in a strange situation to ask for money. But since then, the results have not been as good as we would like.

But throughout the season, especially in the second half, we sometimes played well.

It’s frustrating not being able to pay for all those games.

Q: Cardiff fans are sorry they didn’t play in front of them, a message for them?

H. I saw the Welsh people and the red wall at Cardiff City Stadium, but not having Cardiff City fans was a big disappointment for me.

I think I played 2000 in front of a few Watford fans at the end of last year, but I think it makes us realize how much we miss the fans.

Yes, I’m really sorry I didn’t play in front of Cardiff fans and I didn’t hear their first hand.

Q: How close have you been to Liverpool Liverpool all season?

H. He is more in debt. Julian Ward is a creditor, and I meet him regularly. Sports science men are physically, always connected.

There is always talk between the two clubs and myself and Liverpool Liverpool, but when I am here I will focus entirely on Cardiff.

They are my team and I want to work hard and give my all.

Once the season is over, I’ll contact Liverpool Liverpool. I always want to go back and play for them.

But if not, then I hope to find some activity that I feel is worthwhile in the winter.