All teams need confidence and Alex has a fight with the team


Alex’s efforts to build confidence in the team did not go as planned …

Faith is the most important thing when you are playing in a team. Alex tries to bond the Don Brothers. But, their lack of training ends up being their own worst enemy. Their asses were handed to them during their first game.

Bombay’s ‘don’t care’ attitude does little to alleviate the situation but he gives Alex the idea to break into the post office and take them from the things they lost and found. Meanwhile, Evan’s frustrations with his mother hit the back of the fever when he sees his faith exercises as an excuse not to actually train.

Bombay Continues to Soften

Despite refusing to train the kids, Alex was caught near the ice in a few hours of skating with a Bombay hockey stick and a kid. Even after he denies liking the game or the kids, it turns out he’s actually starting to soften up in the group. He further told her that he had no love for the new duck, when he planted the idea of ​​breaking down the duck compound.

Even if he doesn’t see the first game from a distance and can see they definitely need help

The team is … unique

Dawn Vice is very different in all personalities but when it comes to that style of play. One of the kids who got into a lot of addiction to video games thought the real game was one. Another kid threw himself on the glass and faced planting himself on the ice. Ouch!

Also, the team is seen as a terrible player when they get kicked in the neck. Finally, after Evan left the locker room frustrated, their curiosity is going to be interesting to watch.


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